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Study of Conservation Tillage Technology Model in Shaanxi (Education Papers posted on May 10th, 2015 )

Shaanxi Province is a Agricultural provinces where is drought and water shortage, the total area of dry land is over 60% of arable land, which is mainly Agricultural land. So, drought and water shortage are the main factors to constraint to Agricultural development. In traditional farming systems, because of soil erosion, water erosion, and severe Environmental deterioration, agricultural yield low and unstable. In recent years, dust storms, soil desertification more intense in the North, result to huge losses, which greatly restricted the development of agricultural production.Conservation tillage is a new farming technique relative to conventional tillage, it canceled plow tillage to minimize soil cultivation, to go on no-till seeding and fertilization operations while retaining the premise of the implementation of land cover, which retain the soil and create a self-protection function. Conservation tillage is the revolutionary changes of farming from purely transforming the natural to using it. Conservation tillage also is an important change of agricultural growth and development, which received worldwide attention and promotion and has played an active role in promoting sustainable development of agriculture.This paper researched kinds of conservation tillage technique based on the actual nature conditions of Shaanxi, proposed three kinds of conservation tillage technique model according to local conditions while combining with the geographical features of Shaanxi dry land. This paper also validated various models suited to conditions in the reliability and feasibility through the experimental analysis in Northwest A & F University.In Weibei dry farming area, the main technology pattern is taken: Wheat Harvested by harvesters and leaving stubble – Subsoiling – Weed control during ley farming – Free (or less) tillage sowing of wheat- Field Management, Corn harvest and straw crushed- Subsoiling- Free (or less) tillage sowing of corn- Management. Results show that: the pattern of free tillage + coverage of high stubble and subsoiling + coverage can increase production by 37.5% and 34.9% compared to traditional farming pattern.In the Loess Plateau hilly dry farming areas, the main technology pattern is taken: Corn harvesting- Straw crushed – shallow rake (rotation) repression – Fallow period of winter – Free (or less) tillage sowing of corn – Field management, Corn harvest and leaving stubble – Fallow period of winter- Free (or less) tillage sowing of corn – Field management. Test showed that: The crushed stalk shallow rotary tillage and straw mulching mode compared to traditional open-air model significantly improved soil moisture, and nutrient content, trace elements than conventional tillage systems to improve large area.In cultivated areas with serious sand along the Great Wall, the main technology pattern is taken: Corn harvest and leaving stubble – Fallow period of winter – Free (or less) tillage sowing of corn – Field management, Corn harvest and leaving stubble – Fallow period of winter – Light spin (minimum tillage) planting – Field management. On the stubble solid earth, the next year to avoid the wrong line (less) tillage fertilization techniques of conservation tillage planting system of data analysis showed that compared with conventional tillage systems, increased maize production by 480 kg/hm2, increase income by 1 590.5 yuan/hm2, wind erosion was reduced by 37%, the model provide a technical basis for reducing wind erosion , desertification, and increasing soil fertility.It has been found that the implementation of conservation tillage is benefit to the country’s agricultural practices, especially in arid areas of Shaanxi province.

Comment and Analysis on the Thesis about “Qi Ji Yin Qiao” (Education Papers posted on April 20th, 2015 )

The thesis about “Qi Ji Yin Qiao” first came into being in the Spring and Autumn Period to refer to those gadgets or play things which might sap one’s will if excessive attention was paid to them, or the technological products which made people get so contented that they forgot to mind their own business. In the Spring and Autumn Period, Confucianism and Taoism interpreted the term based on their own schools of thoughts. The emphasis of both were on the technological development involve national economy and people’s livelihood and the prevention of developing technological products which might interfere in people’s proper work. Later dynasties all adopted this idea. What’s worth mentioning is that after Confucianism became the orthodox, some scholars had mistakenly equated the “Qi Ji Yin Qiao “with the common technological development, which, to some extent, had hindered the technological development of ancient China. The progressive role played by the thesis about “Qi Ji Yin Qiao” cannot be overlooked. It had helped China maintain its lead role in the world in some basis industries such as agriculture and metallurgy. It had also restrained the growth of extravagancies to some degree, so that the limited natural and human resources were reasonably allocated, which in turn, had helped stabilize society improve the technology.New problems have emerged in the process of technological development with the development of market economy. The inappropriate application of technology will greatly hinder the development of economy and society. In this situation, it’s of vital importance for us to analyze the development of the history of the thesis about “Qi Ji Yin Qiao”to learn a lesson from history, the process of which will be conducive to the coordination between technology and society, and the using of technological ethics to restrict technological development.

Digital Art Pedigree Research (Education Papers posted on April 12th, 2015 )

New technology and traditional art fusion generating new art form gradually also determines the artistic forms of idiosyncratic art. In the 21st century, human society has quickly evolved into the information age, which is a landmark in the history of mankind and a great turning point.Just as Agricultural society is the sign of farming technology, industrial society is the sign of Mechanical technology, and for the information society ,it is digital technology. Subsequent salient facts are applications of digital art that based on digital technology have started to influence our life, and as we explore the ins and outs of digital art and the changes of digital art through the system, pedigree research has become a kind of necessity.This article comes from a genealogical perspective, and is based on science and technology; literature and art interactive theory perspective are used to gaze at the digital art phenomena, tracing technology and art to an inner dialectical relationship. By analyzing the technical human primitive art connotation, we need to better examine technical factors in primitive art. These constitute their status and role, and as we have walked all the way from sculpture technology, printing technology, photographic technology and electronic technology and so on ,via through several key dimensions in examining human pursuit of material and spiritual, emotional and rational experience. By doing this we increase our understanding of the process of perfect unification of deep understanding and are better able to interpret the construction of digital art based on a systematic view of ecological tribes, revealingthat how human art has occurred and the Basic laws and purposes ,directions of development.The thesis throughout the integration of technology and art Angle ,have been associated with the traditional method, the atomic art and digital art multi-way comparison, and these highlight the technology influence on art technology deeply. Also, actively using for reference the Social psychology method, admitted under the influence of the environment, and further study is needed to demonstrate how to realize and effectively focus on this process of socialization; self-criticism, physico-chemical properties, morality, and spirituality etc serve as intermediary factors as to how technology and art interact and play vital roles.The development of the arts, technical advance, technological development, all interact with ideas organically, and in turn influence concept development, Such a cycle interaction mechanism may in a Basic way explain primitive art after the birth of technology and art, as well as the corresponding technology and the relationship between that and artistic conception. Technology of art and the technical features of increasingly prominent — is technology and art plant-pathogen interaction mechanism, which has constantly strengthened a prominent performance. In art development, the development of the arts and technical progress is the norm, and inconsistent is accidental.In artistic types of evolutionary process, art types of general federation increase gradually, a single type of art also always continuously to refines itself; this process also embodies the trend and characterization of the‘survival of the fittest,’ which originates stems from the complexity of art. Socio-cultural, political and other Social factors on artistic taste, the influence of audience preferences, as well as the nature of profitability and in the art market and other factors , such as the position of some Economic restrictions have had an impact on artistic types of occurrence and development with subtle examing role , we need to examine their respective subtle roles. When an art type, if and when published, can better adapt to the above factors ,it will continuously develop, and gradually shape the new psyche, aesthetic and cultural practices also play a strong role. Otherwise, they will has been) eroded and even die. Engraving art, art of printing, photographic art and common electronic art – or the tendency to use the latest digital technique combined with people already form of psyche, the popular psyche aesthetic and cultural practices all have a strong impact on the embodiment and verification of this phenomenon and rule.Digital art is the logical starting point and philosophical basis ,still affecting the ancient propositions of technology and the human beings. Digital art development status proof as the art of with is the art form that most reflects the universality of natural appearance and more should be as well as the democracy of democratic expression of human emotion and reflects the democratization and personalized art historical process. As the expression of emotion, art should have a more open temperament, because emotion itself is both noble and inviolable.Art as the exclusive domain of humans is one human creation of the product, and has its productive history ,thus,theoretically to say it will eventually there will be thrive but die out one day. Today’s digital art is tomorrow’s original art.

The visual experience of the 21th century has revolutionized the way… (Education Papers posted on March 31st, 2015 )

The visual experience of the 21th century has revolutionized the way of how people see the world,expecially revolutionized how artists see and reflect to this contemporary world.For instense,the rapid development of photography and digital media has compleltely changed how artists make and see their works.Thus, as a painter myself,based on the interest and a series of research on the visual experience of the 21th century,in the article I stressed on the relationship between documentary films and painting,and the relationship between documentary photography and painting. Also, based on the affect from the digital media technology, how the internet,or cyber visual experience affect artist’s perspective and works was addressed in the thesis as well.In my thesis works,lots of degraded snapshots and screenshots taken from the internet were used. Artists such as Luc Tuymans and Gehard Richter was discussed in order to talk about the relation between these different approaches–how these artists use these reference to make their own art works. I’m highly interested in the degraded images which are transferred from the film language into the digital language, and what I’ve been trying to achieve is to transfer this into a painting language. The reason I’m interested in painting movies stills and documentary photographs is that they are somehow related very closely no matter from a historical point or aesthetic point, my paintings are like a poetic homage to these traditional media and information,to these history.I hope it’ll make the audience to look at these translated history and images in a total different angle.

The Research Based on a New Type of Green Manufacturing Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing Process Technology (Education Papers posted on March 21st, 2015 )

Green manufacturing is a way to protect environment,to save energy and resources to achieve sustainable Social and eco-industrial development. It calls for the design and manufacture of products to consider the entire life cycle in order to achieve the product life cycle for minimum Environmental impact and maximum resource utilization. In order to achieve the purpose of green manufacturing, it is necessary to solve the traditional manufacturing technology in the cost of energy resources and Environmental pollution problem, to explore a new type of green manufacturing technology. At the same time, the traditional manufacturing equipment technology does not adapt the new green manufacturing one to a certain extent and we need to research the new manufacturing equipment and technology to adapt it .

The design of mechanical product outline schemes is an important par… (Education Papers posted on February 13th, 2015 )

The design of Mechanical product outline schemes is an important part of the product developments; it has a crucial influence on the detailed design, manufacturing, sales and other areas. It directly decides the product quality, the performance, the cost, the reliability, the security and the environment-protective, and the defects which it produces are unable to be made up by the following design processes. At the same time, the period of scheme design has the least restrictions to the designers, so the designers can fully display their experience, their wisdom and their creativity. And it decides the degree of product innovation. Therefore, improving the quality of product scheme design is the most important way to enhance the market competitiveness of the Mechanical products and gain the superiority of market competition.This paper embarks from the general processes of the designs of product outline scheme. On the basis of the systematic study of the mechanical design of products in principles, contents, methods, and the evaluation and decision-making of scheme and other aspects, the study puts the economy and technology together during the process of overall scheme design with the new requirement of current market economy, especially integrates the person-machine-environment system design and modeling design with outline scheme design. So it consummates the outline concept design system. In the appraisal stage, a kind of method which can reduce the influences of subjective factors is used, that is a method of fuzzy evaluation based on analytic hierarchy process (AHP). In order to confirm the correctness of the above idea, it gives an example of the outline project design of dish-rolling grinder (science and technology research project in Henan Province, and the project number is 0496050803) .The chosen precept after detailed design is put into product, and the energy consumption of this milling machine is low, and the output is very large, so it can bring considerable Economic efficiency to the Enterprise. This is a successful product design case. And the theories and methods described in this paper are made sure to be correct and feasible.The research to outline scheme design in this paper has highlighted the importance of theefficient and technological factors. And it is more accordant with the product designcharacteristics, under the market economy conditions. So this paper is very useful to guidehow to apply the theory of mechanical products overall concept design in the actualproduction.

By examining the essence of modern technology,my article is undertak… (Education Papers posted on February 11th, 2015 )

By examining the essence of modern technology,my article is undertaking to unveil the crisis of contemporary civilization.According to Nietzsche,the modern civilization and the existence of human beings have already been out of control;and this circumstance,so far as it shows to us,is not only the doomed consequence brought by industrialization,but also the very fate of our world.Marx’s thinking on modern technology begins with “industry” and “civil society”,also the process of real material production and perceptual exchanges activity viz.technology,according to Marx.Technology,as an objective activity(gegenstandlich),is thoroughly alienated in the capitalism production.Both of new perceptual consciousness and innovation of the objective activity would be generated by discarding (aufheben) the private ownership.Heidegger’s critic on the essence of technology is based on traditional western ontology.As a way of thinking,ontology fulfills itself in the reality of technology,however on the other hand exhausts itself in the movement of science-technology-business.Therefore,Heidegger tries to inform us the possibility of a non-technical bearing of existence(Alstheia) and the possibility of a un-ontological thinking.

This thesis persists on the idea of scientific development and the g… (Education Papers posted on November 29th, 2014 )

This thesis persists on the idea of scientific development and the guiding ideology of constructing harmonious schools. Unifying the actual problems in the school administration, it defines the Basic concepts of technology, curriculum, organization, and school knowledge Management strategy by using the correlative research results; it discusses the theoretical background and the practical foundation of SKM, and then concludes the three kinds of strategic localizations of SKM, namely technological innovation and resource-sharing, knowledge innovation and curriculum development, as well as organization innovation and core competition; the deduction shows that the strategy choice of SKM is rich but united; this thesis draws attention to construct and analyze the strategy frame system of SKM, which integrates technology, curriculum and organization; it intends to construct a learning-researching-innovative school as the SKM mechanism. Finally, a brief exposition of the school knowledge Management and assessment, designed to broaden the horizons of studying SKM and to be used as the references for the Basic path and the general direction to the SKM, has been proposed based on the comprehensive and integrated strategy.The main innovational spots in this thesis include that, first, the special study on the strategy for the knowledge management in school (SKM) will be helpful for the school administrators to grasp the working points of SKM macroscopically, and, secondly, the strict and complete frame analysis, which for the first time integrates technology, curriculum and organization into the SKM, will be helpful for the staffs in a school to concert their efforts omni-directionally and corporately so that they can implement the knowledge management effectively and successfully.

Construction of the Artificial Nature of Technical Ecological Perspective (Education Papers posted on November 28th, 2014 )

The task of science is to understand the world, the task of technology is altering the world, the scientific understanding of the endless, while the technology as the means of altering the world, must be the guide in order to gain and avoid loss of the value of rational. What kind of technology there is what kind of artificial natural, artificial nature by the profound impact of technology, technology eco-transformation or not ecological artificial determinants of success or failure of the natural construction. With the technical nature of the laws of natural development, which means that the natural, but the technology also has the nature of the intervention, anti-natural characteristic.Technology development and innovation, the laws of nature provide a direction to a certain extent, determine how technology development. The natural law of development of technology, to promote the development of Social, ecological harmony, native nature well protected, is clearly conducive to the sound development of the entire ecological chain. Artificial natural living material conditions of human beings needed, also improved with the development of artificial nature, the human cognitive ability and practical level, the subjective initiative means that people have the ability to transform the artificial nature, if the improper use of technology, it will cause a negative effect on the artificial nature of the substances derived from natural substances, the purpose of requirements can be achieved only follow the laws of nature on the basis of the artificial nature is essentially to change the native nature objects.In the process of change in the natural substances, reflecting the penetration of the technology. The technical regulations the characteristic, structure and function of the artificial nature. Technical result due to its wide range and irrational application of the ecological balance of intervention and even more than nature itself has self-healing and self-regulating capacity, anti-natural is expanded beyond the technical controllability negative factors, which caused more than its self-purification capacity of natural systems to some extent, this imbalance had a significant impact to the development of human society, leading to a series of adverse consequences. In order to promote artificial natural Health and development, human beings must change the values of technology, to accomplish ecology-oriented that based on long-term vision to establish the development strategy of the artificial natural, to come true artificial natural development model ecological turn.Divided into five chapters, the first chapter of this thesis is the introduction to explain the purpose and significance of the artificial nature suggested that the artificial nature study, domestic and abroad on the artificial nature of the the present situation. The chapter two is technology and technical ecology, mainly elaborated technology combined natural and unnatural the necessity and feasibility of the technology ecosystem. Third chapter is connotation of the artificial nature and technology dialectical relationship, starting from the artificial nature of meaning, form, features a brief analysis of the artificial nature, combined with the artificial nature and nativel nature of the relationship, indicating the need for the sustainable development of the artificial nature characteristic. In the process of change due to native nature substances, highlight the role of technology, and then demonstrate the penetration of the artificial natural, the artificial nature and technology dialectical relationship. The chapter four is involve evaluation and reflection of the artificial natural development, in the evaluation aspect, elaborate the artificial nature development about practical significance and impact of the environment, in the reflect aspect, elaborate the technical alienation with native nature and expound artificial nature difficult to adapt with each other. The chapter five is Artificial Nature construction of technology ecological context with the ecological technology eco-transformation, the establishment of the eco-artificial natural direction.

Study of Fertilizer Effect and Compound Technology of Biomass Gasification ASH (Education Papers posted on November 28th, 2014 )

ABSTRACT It is not dividual that energy exploitation and environment protection. China is one of the biggest countries on producing and consuming energy resource, and it is also one of the badly polluted countries.In recent years,people have perceived the threat and effect with the circumstance exacerbate,they begin to pay attention to atmosphere quality and entironment.To protect the environment is very important energy tactic.The environment factor will be significantly constrained by energy development.With biomass gasification power generation technologies mature and the size of the project generating growing,biomass gasification ash utilization of the resources become a hotspot on the biomass field.Biomass gasification ash is outgrowth of the biomass gasification for power generation,The kalium in the straw is all salts in the form of ash in the gasification process.it is about above 1.0%,some can overtop 10%,and 80~90%is water-solubility kalium,it is easy to absorb by crop,it also contain N、P、Ca、Zn、Mu、Mg etc.Using the biomass gasification ash to produce compound fertilizer,the products both have N、P、K and organic compound and microelement,it is propitious to crop grow and improve utilization rate.Using the biomass gasification ash to manufacture compound fertilizer,it is not only abate the status that short of kalium but also can implement biomass gasification ash utilization of the resources and protecting the ecological environment has important practical significanceThis article is under the support that the 863 national projects “biomass gasification for power generation and optimization system demonstration projects” (the serial number:2003AA514010),we do the research on major component characteristics、fertilizer effect and technology of biomass gasification ash through the experiment.The main contents and conclusions are as follows:(1)In the paddies ash,kalium is 2.14%,phosphor is 0.24%.(2)According to fertilizer effect experiment of biomass gasification ash,the experimental results indicate:under the same nutrition conditions,biomass gasification ash compares with the fertilizer:the gemmiparous time is earlier than the time of the fertilizer except the cucumber;late growing significantly better than the latter,the laminae is thick and lustrous;at the course of growing the former has not insect pest but the latter has;growing is better than single fertilizer when add nitrogen and phosphor to biomass gasification ash.(3)Produce compound fertilizer can adopt disc granulation technology,the experimental results indicate:design the direction for producing fertilizer is 15-6-9,by testing the result is 14.60-6.10-10.02,granularity is 95.8%,the aquiferous quantity is 4.7%,these are eligible basically.(4)In the biomass gasification ash compound fertilizer cucumbers grow better than common compound fertilizer,as the height,the breadth and length of lamina,it is not dividual that it has microelement as Ca、B、Zn etc.In the biomass gasification ash,they can accelerate cucumber grows;otherwise,we can observe which does not artifactitious biomass gasification ash fertilizer grows better than biomass gasification ash compound fertilizer,it has the phenomena that fertilizer effect balance out.(5)Benefit analyse:the results show that net present value(NPV)is 22306.95 Yuan,and static pay back period is 7.67 year,internal rate of return(IRR)is 10.1%.