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Study on the Management of Retired Cadres (Education Papers posted on March 5th, 2015 )

In a human society, the problems of the people are essential. The middle-aged cadres, as well as the young cadres, will turn into the senior ones ultimately, resulting from the natural law of human aging. In 1978, the system of cadres’retirement was established in our country, which is a substantial achievement on the reform of the personnel system in our party, an important safeguard of successful implementing the great reform and opening-up policy, and also a significant responsibility of the government. In recent years, with the growing group of retired cadres, the deepening reform of the domestic economy system, and the appearing aging-society problem, these retired cadres have become an indispensible factor for the Social economy development. Moreover, the administration of the retired cadres has also been improved. Previously, the working organizations took care of this kind of administration solely. While the current situation is that the society, the working organizations, and the communities working on a diversified administration pattern collaboratively. Under the above-mentioned background, as a branch of the government public administration, the study on the administration of the retired cadres has shaped into a study module and started to attract increasing attention, causing the establishment and development of the retired cadres’administrative institutions simultaneously.Based on the case of the Senior Cadre Bureau of Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, this thesis is focusing on the analysis of the retired cadres’administration in Shanghai through the comprehensive methodologies of public administration, organizational behavior, sociology and statistics. The purpose is to propose systematic, comprehensive and feasible ideas to the retired cadres’administration by putting it into the background of the government reform and creativity and combining it with the actual problems of the retired cadres in Shanghai.The first part gives the problems, the domestic and overseas current situation, the purpose and the methodology of this study; the second part summarizes the concept, the administration system, the administrative institutions and the administration contents of the retired cadres; the third part introduces the present situation of the retired cadres’administration in Shanghai; the fourth part analyzes the problems of the retired cadres’administration in Shanghai; the final part offers positive suggestions for improvements on the retired cadres’administration in Shanghai.

The dichotomous thinking of politics and administration produces nec… (Education Papers posted on January 2nd, 2015 )

The dichotomous thinking of politics and administration produces necessarily for adopting the real needs of development of modern western society. As the fundamental theory of public administration, it prefabricates the research on Basic framework and principles of public administration. Meanwhile, it plays a huge role in promoting the study of public administration theory and practice of government administration, even as a milestone in the history of public administration.The dichotomous thinking of politics and administration is a highly controversial proposition in academic circles. It wins widespread praise, and has also been questioned and criticized by many scholars at the same time. Through the academia criticism on the dichotomous thinking of politics and administration, these criticisms are rational. But it is unfair that the critics partly emphasis on the side of similarities of politics and administration, while ignoring the side of differences. Moreover, most critics of the dichotomous thinking of politics and administration think that the dichotomous thinking of politics and administration completely advocates the separation of politics and administration. In fact, the voice behind the criticism implies a serious misunderstanding, because neither Wilson nor Goodnow ignore the close relationship between politics and administration. With the advent of post-industrial society, the boundaries of politics and administration are blurring, but this does not subvert the core value of the dichotomous thinking of politics and administration. So it is early to assert that the model of the dichotomous thinking of politics and administration is end. Certainly, the dichotomous thinking of politics and administration has its value and inevitable limitations as a product of specific historical conditions. It is a theoretical problem, and also a practical issue about how to evaluate the dichotomous thinking of politics and administration. This has a profound impact on the study of public administration theory and practice of government Management.Although China’s national conditions is very different from Western countries’, the dichotomous thinking of politics and administration still has signification of reference to us. Therefore, the draw does not mean to completely accept, the process of reference should always be based on China’s national conditions, and on the actual situation of China.

The Research on Development of Chonqqing Communication E-government Management in Coordination (Education Papers posted on December 16th, 2014 )

The electronic government project of our country started in the latter stage of the eighties of the 20th century, At government information-based the constant quickeningses of construction speeds and government work and pays attention to the strengthenning day by day of degree to the electronic government, The electronic government demonstrates the powerful growth momentum. At different the development characteristics of periods, divide developing stage, government’s surfing the net stage , electronic government stage” metal working Chens”. Now, electronic governments at Management” become of our country the next step electronic government the in the center subjects of constructionses. This text is through analysing that the traffic electronic government of Chong Qing is in coordination with the current situation and question existing, Probe especially that advances the traffic way in coordination with Management of electronic government of Chong Qing, It proposes countermeasure to question that exist very probe into in the future traffic of Chong Qing electronic governments manage tactics who development be organized and implement in coordination. It serves the centre thought with citizen the electronic government must change to some extent at the structure , Break former to have and at functional department the frameworks of barrier between different departments, structure public electronic government network infrastructures, It combines different data resource realize and step region, trans-departmental, steps the level and even step using the platform in coordination of Bian Jie, Support the information integration, not there is not operation of chink government.There must be standardized support in electronic government construction, should especially give play to the role of standardized direction, In order to guarantee the realization with whole efficiency in concert and harmony on its technology. Construction Basic to work electronic governments standardization, it join and stand up organic business links, And offer technological criterion for working in coordination each other. At standardized coordination and optimization functions, guarantee electronic governments build and avoid detours, raise the efficiency, guarantee system safe and reliable. It is a foundation together with business of interconnected interflowing, information sharing to seek unity of standard. <WP=6>The electronic government information resources combine strategic emphasis that is China’s electronic government construction and key subject, It is the most important thing of China’s electronic government construction. Build a large amount of informations detached island that exists in course in the face of the electronic government at present, It pushes over and it rebuilds to be the very realistic all to existing and electronic government go on and it combines to be only the wise move systematically by information resources.Traditional to handle official business business it deals with to be individual ization, disperse and take, take artificially government bodies, The Basic demand that recombinated according to the government work, stand the whole of the government work, Need.

A Study on the American Pupil Transportation Administration (Education Papers posted on November 30th, 2014 )

This research focuses on the pupil transportation in the U.S., trying to find how the American reached the high safety in pupil transportation. Literature analysis is the core research method used in this dissertation.Chapter Ⅱ presents the brief history of the American school bus and its Management,defining three important stages (birth of the school bus service, standardization of the school bus service and steadily development period). On the basis of the history of school bus service, status in nowadays is presented in Chapter Ⅲ&Ⅳ.Chapter Ⅲ analyzes the organizations and their responsibilities.The federal governments establish the uniform guideline for the pupil transportation as a Basic standard to ensure the safety of the bus itself.The state governments finance the service and set specific standards through legislations. The school districts are the performers of this service. The market support pupil transportation through producing the buses and providing school bus service. NGOs get together to influence school transportation though more powerful voice and cooperation. National Congress on School Transportation is a typical program that integrated the forced in the pupil transportation field to promote its development.Chapter Ⅳ discusses the system in establishing a school transportation program. No matter the service is provided by the school districts or the private contractors, setting up a school bus service group, hiring and training the bus drivers, purchasing and maintaining the buses, scheduling and safety are the necessary steps. What’s more, safety Education of the involved students and parents is fairly important.Chapter Ⅴ concerns on the Chinese school bus service development and tries to find useful experience from the U.S. Despite the late start of the Chinese school bus service, it has made some progress in policy, practice and research. Based on the American experience, suggestions, including setting up the safety standard of school bus, establishing the transportation system, safety Education and encouraging the school bus research, are proposed to improve the pupil transportation in China.

On Administrative Credibility and Its Systematic Control (Education Papers posted on November 26th, 2014 )

The author thinks that the “credibility” essentially comes up from the ethics. Based on the decree of “human nature is evil “, we try to comprehend the administrative credibility by investigating explicit representations of the administrative credibility, while paying attention to its standardiz ation and supervision and believing in the systematic superiority in solving the problem concerning the administrative credibility. In the process of setting up systems, on the one hand we should know that the administrative credibility is connected with such concepts as Social Compact Theory, responsible government, legal state, peace etc., and that the administrative credibility is significant to the society; on the other hand we should know that there are complicated historic and cultural, Social systematic and public identified factors etc. in the current phenomenon of administrative breaking faith. Therefore, we should control the Administration in the political and Economic activities etc. by the way of law and hold that only if by the dominant effects of the outside systems and demos supervision can we perform effective systematic control over the Administration.The first part of this paper dissertates the administration credibility and its theoretical base. First of all, the author states his point of view by nailing down the status of credibility and in traditional ethics defining the concept of administrative credibility. The Basic requirements about the administrative credibility put forward subsequently is the further explanation on the concept of the administrative credibility. Secondly, the author analyzes the nomological foundations of the administrative credibility by connecting the administrative credibility to the concepts of Social compact theory and responsible government. Finally, the social significance of the administrative credibility is discussed in the aspects of legal state, order, social credibility, Economic operation, political civilization, state stability. The second part of this paper discusses the representations and reasons of administrative breaking faith. The current conditions of Chinese administrative credibility loss are summarized as follows: fake administration, administration corruption, regional protectionism, covert operation, policy change irregularity, illegal arrearage. The reasons of administrative credibility loss are analyzed in the aspects of Chinese history and culture, society, systems, public cognition.The third part of this paper discusses the systematic control of the administrative <WP=5>credibility. Many systematic control presumptions are boldly put forward from the macroscopic systematic construction to the concrete systematic maintenance by advising improving such systems as supervising administration system, private right protection system and the governmental Economic administration function, government affair publicity system, administrative credibility principles and state compensation system, state civil servant system and the systems concerning administration contracts.

Research on Management Functional Division of Rural Public Health and Optimal Strategy (Education Papers posted on November 7th, 2014 )

ObjectiveRural public Health is an important assurance for Social stability and Economic development. The optimal strategy analysis on Management functional division of rural public Health is designed to aim at looking for these issues that the structure of rural public Health administration and performing function faced, determining who should take the main responsibility for rural public health administration and fundamental and feasible functional division. An optimal strategy is recommended for the development of rural public health administration.MethodsThe methods of stratified typical sampling and random sampling have been chosen. The information about function implementation of those main administrative organizations has been collected. Through individual depth interview, nominal group discussion, and the result of document study, we obtain main embarrassment in the process of administration. Descriptive statistics is applied to analysis the results of the questionnaire.Results1. There are at least 14 related departments of rural public health administration in county level. A phenomenon exists in performing function repeatedly and cooperating difficultly in a certain degree. Township Health Center performs the Management functions of public health in township level.2. The dissatisfactory management functions performed by main public health administrative organization are: Health Bureau focuses on the functions of animal epidemic prevention and quarantine, authentication and surveillance of health related products; Health Inspection bureau focuses on occupational health, Environmental health and cosmetics inspection; The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention focuses on the major chronic non-communicable disease control, organizing health Education and physical examination on professional crowd; Maternal and Child Health Centers focuses on reproductive health supervision, monitoring of birth defects. Township Health Center focuses on supervising health Education that performed by the village clinic.3. There are three aspects of main difficulties lie in front of rural public health administration. (1) Institutional aspect: no root law for public health, repeated functions of administrative organization; (2) Organizational aspect: inadequate supervision on immunization, contorted reimbursement mechanism, lots of problems exist in the process of health law enforcement, unsound disease information surveillance network. (3) Mechanism aspect: the capital Investment on public health by the government is deficient in gross and unbalanced in structure, unreasonable distribution in human resource of public health.4. Public health products have several characteristics, such as non-competitive, non-exclusive, positive external, high cost-effective of input-output. All of the above characteristics determine the government is one who takes the main responsibility in public health administration.5. A kind of blue print is designed for rural public health to adjust its organizational structure:①set up Public Health Committee.②transfer several public health administrative functions of health department to other departments.③integrate the County Hospital and the Maternal and Child Health Care Center.④implement hierarchical management on the Health Inspection Bureau.⑤deprive of the supervision function on public health from the township health center.6. Basic administrative functions of rural public health go like this: the Health Bureau has 19 items, the Health Inspection has 7 items, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has 12 items, the County Hospital (including maternal and child health care center) has 8 items.SuggestionWe suggest that the current inefficient situation of rural public health administration can be changed in these ways:1. The public health and Economic development indicators in the performance appraisal of the government officials should be treated equally.2. The public health root law legislation should be valued.3. The coordination and cooperation among the related public health departments should be adequately functioned.4. The transfer-payments from the central government should be increased, and especially these funds should be distributed to grass roots and poverty area.5. The special funds of public health should be fully assured and be used reasonably.6. Allocation of high-quality management team.7. The health Education should be organized continuously.8. The information management network should be built up quickly based on the current resources.

An Examination of the Phenomenon of Growth after Trauma and its Influence on Leadership (Education Papers posted on May 14th, 2014 )

Leadership development programs focus studies on the positive attributes and experiences of effective leaders. From this focus comes the next generation of leadership. This study, however, suggests that there is much to be learned in the development of new leaders from an examination of the traumatic experiences leaders face. The purpose of this phenomenological study was to investigate the influence of growth after trauma on leadership. Using a validated screening tool to determine if a leader who experienced trauma grew as a result, the co-researchers interviewed leaders to investigate the phenomenon of how growth as a result of trauma changed their leadership. The findings of this study revealed that leaders who grew as a result of a traumatic event were more learning centered, more relationship centered, and more purpose centered. Given that these findings are also attributes of effective leaders as documented in the leadership literature, the implication of these findings is that leaders who grow as a result of trauma have the opportunity to be more effective leaders.

Adequacy post-Rose v. Council for Better Education in Kentucky public school facilities: A case study (Education Papers posted on May 13th, 2014 )

The decision in the 1989 landmark Kentucky case, Rose v. Council for Better Education, initiated many reforms to ensure that children have access to an adequate Education, including funding new construction and renovations for school facilities. The purpose of this instrumental, qualitative case study is to describe how the additional state and local funding for a selected Kentucky public school facility affected the provision of an adequate education. The term adequacy is used in the study to mean the fiscal sufficiency to meet a qualitative set of achievement standards required by the state as indicated in the Rose decision. One recently renovated middle school was purposefully selected based on its relatively lower score on the Kentucky School Report. Selected features: (1) security, (2) technological readiness, (3) lighting, (4) thermal comfort and (5) air quality were examined. Interviews, facility observations including photographic images, archival and contemporaneous documents, and reflexive field notes comprised the data collection. District and school administrators, teachers, and other individuals deemed knowledgeable were selected purposefully and by the snowball method for interviews. Observations focused on the five features and their relationship to teaching and learning. Classrooms were observed without students present. Document analysis was used for contextual information about the school district and the school case. Triangulated data were analyzed in an iterative and holistic process to identify common themes. Trustworthiness of the findings was established through triangulation of data, peer debriefing, disconfirming analyses, the rich description, and field notes. The findings suggest that the additional facilities funding since the Rose decision created a teaching and learning environment that supported the tenets of an adequate education that previously had not been realized. Improvements that support an adequate education were found in three of the five features. Evidence of three additional building features emerged (the facility’s auditorium renovations, added disability accessibility, and classroom renovations according to content area). Enhancements made to these three additional features added to the educational opportunities afforded to the students. The study adds to the knowledge base on outcomes of Kentucky reforms and the relationship between facilities and opportunities for an adequate education.

Government accountability reports and public education policy: Studying political actors’ decision-making (Education Papers posted on May 13th, 2014 )

This study asks how government accountability reports are used to influence public Education policy. Government accountability reports, called “audits” in Utah, prove to be useful tools for examining Education policy. Using a collective case study design examining Utah’s Class Size Reduction (CSR) policy, government accountability reports demonstrate that a systematic review of request, report, and result is an effective means for identifying policy narratives. These government accountability reports showed that over 10 years Utah’s State Office of Education and local school districts repeatedly failed to comply with Utah Statutes requiring accounting for CSR appropriations. Repeated findings of data integrity and poor accounting did not lead to political action by state legislators. Despite repeated negative findings about CSR expenditures legislative appropriations were maintained even during two Economic downturns. Evidence in this study suggests that these reports result from a breakdown in communication between agency officials and the Legislature. Government accountability reports do not appear to have any more influence on policy decision-making than other sources of policy information. However, these sources of information are financed with public dollars, and political actors’ dissatisfaction with agency responses does not justify the cost of unused reports.

An implementation study of the Science and Technology Entry Program (STEP) in New York State (Education Papers posted on May 13th, 2014 )

As global demands for workers in the science, technology, Engineering and math STEM) fields persist, there are increased opportunities for historically underrepresented African-American and Latino youth to fill STEM career pipelines. African-American and Latino youth have long faced disproportionately high unemployment rates. Joblessness has been complicated by lower high school graduation rates for African-American and Latino youth. Significant federal and state funding has been allocated to address this state of affairs. Research findings on STEM career development programs for historically underrepresented youth can inform public policy and resource allocation. The career development provided by the Science and Technology Entry Program STEP) of the New York State Education Department is nationally recognized. STEP plays a major role in strengthening STEM career pipelines for youth who are historically underrepresented in post-secondary STEM courses of study. STEP is a recipient of a Presidential Award for Excellence for mentoring secondary students as they transition successfully into undergraduate and graduate academic programs that lead to STEM careers. This comparative study of four STEP sites is a process evaluation. The study examines STEP state policy as adopted and local STEP implementation processes. The study findings are derived from official documents and semi-structured interviews with key STEP personnel at the state and local levels. This timely study yields important findings about program design as well as the will and capacity of program implementers. It identifies ways to strengthen the capacity of STEM career development programs for economically disadvantaged youth. The study suggests that K-16 partnerships should be characterized by implementation flexibility so that career development staff may connect and restructure program activities to best meet programming needs. This flexibility can lead to instructive solutions regarding increased parental involvement and male participation in career development programming. The findings also suggest that when partnering organizations work in close proximity with one another, transparent, professional relationships are cultivated. These partnering organizations should extend beyond K-16 organizations in order to broaden the constituency that has a stake in the success of programs that serve historically underrepresented ethnic minorities.