Title How to prepare for foreign art songs: An innovative method for beginning singers

How to prepare for foreign art songs: An innovative method for beginning singers (Education Papers posted on May 4th, 2012 )

While innate talent is undoubtedly a solid foundation required by many successful singers, there are other important aspects of singing that must be acquired. One of these is a knowledge of foreign languages and its role in performing music. However, a singer must not merely be familiar with a wide range of foreign languages, but be able to translate the song he/she sings with accuracy, interpret the music to appeal to others, and have comprehensive knowledge of the historical background of the music. This dissertation discusses one effective approach to this issue, presenting an innovative method that proves equally effective across all different languages. Currently, there are no materials that offer a comprehensive approach to preparing foreign art songs, only handbooks that address diction issues for example, Adams, 1999). The comprehensive approach detailed in this dissertation includes three primary elements: translating the text, getting familiar with the music, and researching the song. This threefold process will be applied to a Schubertian Lied and a Ravel song cycle in order to demonstrate its applicability across different languages and styles. Ultimately, this research will benefit singers who are just beginning their foreign language training.

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