Research on the Regional Sci-Tech Talents Development Strategy (Education Papers posted on May 27th, 2015 )

This article studies on Sci-tech talents development strategy of Dong guan under the background of double transformation.It uses the optimal combination forecasting model to predict the demand for technology professionals according to the Economic development,and on this basis,it identifies the objectives of Sci-tech talents development strategy.Then it uses questionnaire survey method to study Sci-tech talents’ demand structure,and the results show that Sci-tech talents most value money, job advancement and personal growth in the rewards of work.But the satisfaction of the demand factors is lower,and the talent environment is also lower than expected, especially the Social order, their children’s schooling and Medical facilities.Take this as a starting point,it develops a targeted Sci-tech talents development strategy,respectively from the human resources introduction strategy, personnel training strategy and human use strategy.It combines qualitative and quantitative methods to research regional talents development strategy, and promotes the scientific process of talent strategy.It provides a decision-making reference for the implementation of Dongguan’s double transformation,also it has some reference value for the similar regionals to study talents development strategy.

The Effect and Application of Passive Devices on Image Reject in Downconversion Mixer (Education Papers posted on May 27th, 2015 )

The downconversion mixer is a significant circuits in most communication systems.It’s used to convert the radio frequency(RF) signal down to an intermediate frequency(IF) by mixing the RF signal from the low noise amplifier(LNA) with the local oscillator(LO) signal.It is a very important building block because its performance affects the system performance. Building block specifications are desired to achieve high image rejection ratio(IRR),low noise figure(NF),high gain,moderate linearity,high sensitivity and low power consumption.There are three fundamental ways to realize image rejection in CMOS circuits: Heterodyne Receivers,Direct-Conversion Receivers and Image-Reject Architectures.In this paper,a downconversion mixer of Image-Reject Architecture for RF CMOS applications is presented.,in which a Resistance-capacitance(RC) ployphase filter network is used to achieve high image rejection ratio for a wideband RF input signal.This kind of network not only can provide an efficient way for wideband quadrature signal generation with reduced sensitivity to components mismatch,but also,polyphase network represents a passive implementation of complex analog filters used for image signal suppression.The general behavior of this class of networks,as well as their distinct property of discrimination between positive and negative sequences,are discussed.This network is so important ,because its performance settles the IRR of the downconversin,that a particual detailed analysis of the network about how the resistance and capacitance’s the variability and mismatch affect the IRR of the downconversion mixer is investigated for one-,two-,and three-stage networks in this paper,and a hign IRR mixer is designed.The downconversion mixer has been implemented in a Chartered 0.25μm CMOS process,and the input RF 1.22GHz,LO 1.176/1.184GHz,the output IF is 36/44MHz.With the RC polyphase filter used in the mixer,following simulation results are achieved:IRR at less 49dB in 36-44MHz IF bandwidth,voltage gain 38dB,noise figure(NF) no more than 9.2dB.

Research and Development Strategy of Domestic Mobile Learning (Education Papers posted on May 27th, 2015 )

The development and shift of learning styles can influence someone’s learning efficiency as well as learner’s body and mental development, moreover, the learning style advocated by a country can influences the thriving and prosperous of future society in a certain degree. In the end of 20th century, the quick development of wireless communication and media technology make it possible to learn on the cell phone, PDA and others mobile devices. The new learning style takes full advantage of”anytime”,”anywhere”,”any demand”and other traits on mobile devices, thus, it became popular with people and more countries in the world make a waving of studying and applied by”M-learning”.Our country as typical represent of developing country began to apply mobile devices in learning: the project of communication among schools use the short message to reinforce the connection and interaction between school and home;”WenQuXing”and Noah which produce electronic dictionary are known and enjoyed by students; When the new century coming, the wireless communication technology is more perfect, the more area coverage ratio, the more objects”M-learning”apply, the more content involved. From the”NongXinTong”of China Mobile to the building of 3G network in schools, from the country information terminal of China Mobile to the production of M-learning machine, learning machine, hit-reading machine, whether resource construction or hardware support, the practical application of M-learning in our country has been drastically increased.At the sometime, the theory research in the keywords of”M-learning”,”m-Education”,”micro learning”has been taken in the first decade of the century. meetings, projects, tasks, thesis and other types of theoretical study are rather plentiful: Considering the research papers, there are 347 journal papers and 78 master or doctoral thesis on the CNKI; More than ten projects have been set up, about ten related meetings and theme forums, besides, our country have undertaken two important related international conferences. It is clear that M-learning related theoretical study have reached a certain degree of scope and depth in our country.Thus, in the first decade of developing our M-learning, concluding the loss and gain of our M-learning study systematically in the last decade can not only make clear the research context in the past years, but also understand the existing applications and hold the direction of future, at the same time, it can provide more researchers more chances to know and participate in the M-learning research and practice in our country; moreover, the analysis to the shortage of present study, as well as the exploration to countermeasure can provide reference to the development and perfection of the next decade studies. Indeed, there are many articles on”M-learning”, but most of these articles are published on journals, too short, or the publish time are too earlier, lack system; M-learning study on business focus on the design, marketing, and application. For those reasons, this study will try to summary the comprehension of the research and application on M-learning in our country.The organization structure and content in each chapter as follows:Chapter 1: Introduction, the background of the issue, raised the issue, the present research status in our country, the meaning of this research, main work, and research methods.Chapter 2: At first, make sure role of our country’s mobile learning applications in the world. Introduce the far-researching significance of this study with our own national conditions, finally, I explain the M-learning study progress from the time dimension and the manufacturer’study.Chapter 3: I discussed our studies on the M-learning in detail, introduce particular case about theoretical research from three main skeleton which are”journals, thesis and projects”,”tasks and meetings”and”forums”, summarized the results we achieved in the past decade; and then, I introduced the application fields on M-learning, and select classic examples objects to farmers, party members, students and other groups as reference to enumeration and analysis, thus, we can understand present M-learning study in broad view in our country.Chapter 4: I discussed the insufficiency of our M-learning studies combining the present theoretical and practical researches, and provided countermeasures to solve the insufficiency from resource building, activity design, and application environment development.Chapter 5: Summary and prospects. I summarized the whole article, proposed the insufficient of this research, make sure the challenge and opportunity we may face to in the next decade.How to make M-learning become the supplementary way to take lifelong learning for more people, and provide excellent service as”m-Education”, is the key point which the educator concerned with M-learning care for, and also the direction we strive in the next decade. This study analysis the current problems and deficiency in our country based on theoretical and practical M-learning researches in recent decade and our own national conditions. Then, this thesis gives some advices from resource building, activity design, and environment development to perfect M-learning service and point out the development direction for M-learning. It should be noted that the shift of learning style bring by mobile devices bring is not overnight, but involved with more other macro factors such as Social identity and Economic condition. The purpose of this study is to let more people get familiar with the past, present and future of M-learning deeply in our country and provide a detailed, objective and overall reference for M-learning researchers.

Study on Fumigant Activity of Several Horseradish Compounds and Investigation on Optimization of EITC (Education Papers posted on May 27th, 2015 )

Allyl isothiocyanate which is active ingredient of horseradish to storage pests, soil-borne plant pathogenic fungi and nematodes is very strong. In this paper, the biological fumigation activity of 10 kinds of compounds on the storage pests, soil-borne pathogenic fungi, Meloidogyne incognita were measured, the results show that:1, Over time,the mortality rate of three storage pests tested increased rapidly, after 72h the mortality rate is stable,the mortality rate is stable, the LC50 of ethyl isothiocyanate on Tribolium castaneum Herbst,Sitophilus zeamais,Rhyzopertha dominica F. was 0.74μg/ml, 0.66μg/ml,1.6μg/ml, and EITC has equal fumigant activity as AITC; When the ratio of allyl isothiocyanate and ethyl isothiocyanates is 5:1 by weight,co-toxicity coefficient of Mixture was 307.84,163.39,174.82, show synergistic effect significantly;2, when the concentration of AITC was 2μg/ml, AITC show greater than 95% inhibition rate on Alternaria brassicae, Rhizoctonia solani, Sclerotium rolfsii, Fusarium oxysporum in the soil, and by statistical analysis of Fusarium oxysporum The EC50 was 0.17μg/ml, EC95 was 0.98μg/ml; other isothiocyanates were much lower than the activity of AITC, the overall activity show:AITC> aliphatic isothiocyanates> aromatic isothiocyanate;3, AITC has the highest fumigation activity on Meloidogyne incognita, LC50 was 0.46μg/ml only, butyl isothiocyanate and phenyl isothiocyanate followed, the other aliphatic isothiocyanate esters were lower, the activity aromatic isothiocyanate was the lowest; benzyl isothiocyanate and 2-phenyl ethyl isothiocyanate showed eual contact toxicity, LC50 were respectively 6.41μg/ml,7.32μg/ml,When the ratio of allyl isothiocyanate and ethyl isothiocyanates is 5:1 by weight,When the concentration of AITC was 50μL/kg, the disease control effect of cucumber was 94.5%, higher than the allyl isothiocyanate cyanate(67%), higher than 20% of the control (using the concentration of 40mg/kg, control efficacy was only 33.77%).This article also studied synthesis technology optimization of ethyl isothiocyanate, the reaction of sodium hydroxide, ethylamine, and carbon disulfide gain, and then decomposed dithiocarbamate salts to ethyl isothiocyanate reagents, and synthesis process optimization, the yield grow from the initial 45% to 55%.

Research on the Educational Thought of Chen Xiu-yuan (Education Papers posted on May 27th, 2015 )

This study object is mainly about Chen Xiuyuan’s writings. After deeply studying and summing up the Chen Xiuyuan Medical thought of popularization of Education based on thecollection and access to a number of related data, we would like to promote his academic achievement and provide reference for the Education of Chinese medicine. This paper briefly introduces Chen Xiuyuan’s whole life and writings and sums up Chen Xiuyuan Medical education’s origin and its characteristics, combining with the historical background. Chen Xiuyuan’s writings which consider ‘Neijing’,’Shen Nong’s Materia Medica’as the basis, and the’Lun’,’synopsis of the Golden Chamber’as the center have beed made use of other writer’s strong points. Based on his individual clinical experience, he wrote a set of form books which covered of TCM theory and clinical practice by explaining profound theories in simple language. Chen Xiuyuan pointed out that medicine should seek an accurate entry-‘a right starting can lead to the last success.’He says that TCM classics is the ideological foundation and the essence of medicine which every doctor should read it. However,the classic book language is profound and not easy to understand, so that the beginners may misinterpret the meaning. So Chen Xiuyuan made full use of rhyme, verse form of classic notes to make sure the articles concise and fluent, easy to understand and remember. Chen Xiuyuan’s writing on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine analysis are different from others. The characteristics which is said above has certain guiding significance to current Chinese education reform and teaching material construction.

Information Technology and Curriculum Integration of Research and Practice (Education Papers posted on May 27th, 2015 )

Information technology and curriculum integration has become an important topic of the new curriculum reform . Explore and implement information technology and curriculum integration is a long-term and arduous task. At present, China actively promote, promote the modernization of Education and information to explore and implement information technology and curriculum integration of teaching, has been the success of educational reforms carried out, can improve their information literacy and ability, can improve practical ability of students, teachers, information technology can improve the capacity and change the key ideas!After investigation found the author, the author’s school now has a lot of teachers did not really understand or to use information technology to the Education and teaching, but in accordance with the old ideas, old teaching methods for teaching activities. Students are not really teaching through new means to acquire new knowledge, where information technology and information of technology and the concept of curriculum integration is summarized and described in theory and curriculum integration of information technology. And, through information technology and mathematics curriculum integration case, the use of “Geometer’s Sketchpad” to complete the educational and teaching tasks. So that we could and curriculum integration of information technology have a better understanding. Mathematics curriculum through the integration of information technology and case, given the analysis and design textbooks, courseware production, content, performance, evaluation and teaching reflection is given.Finally, summarized, information technology and the importance of curriculum integration, thus promoting the practice of educational reform. So that our teachers are able to information technology and knowledge of curriculum reform to improve the up, make the fullest use of modern educational technology, removal of the traditional teaching structures.

Functional Coefficient Autoregression Models with Heavy Tailed (Education Papers posted on May 27th, 2015 )

Functional Coefficient Autoregression Models (FAR models) is an importent model in nonlinear time series, but the study about this model at present is mostly supposedthatεt is Gauss distribution. However,many evidences show that the heavy tail characteristic of distributions exist generally in many fields, such as economy, finances,traffic,hydrology and meteorology. That is to say, lots of data are heavy distribution,not Gauss distribution. Therefore, we propose the functional-coefficient autoregressive model with heavy tailed in this paper.where the function {aj(.)} are measurable functions from R to R, and u is a dimensional random variable, u = Xt-i, (i = 1, …,p), {εt} is a sequence of iid random variables andεt is independent of {xs, s < t}.In this article, the distribution ofεt have following heavy probability :forα> 0, where L(x) is slowly varying at∞and x > 0,For above model, we study some probabilitic properties of this proposed model, and draw a conclusion, that is corollary 3.1.3. Next, we estimate the parameters of the proposed model using the local linear method, and discuss coincide properies and asymptotic properies of the estimation. The second conclusion is achieved, that is theoroem 3.2.2. Then we carry on the Moto Carlo simulation to the proposed model in this paper. By the simulation, we verified again that it is dependable to use local linear mothod estimate the proposed model. At last, we made empirial analysis basing on Shanghai stock index data. The computed result indicated that the proposed model is useful for the financial time series.

Subliminal Design Demand Research (Education Papers posted on May 27th, 2015 )

In recent years, both from an international perspective or from a domestic perspective, there are a lot of themes, which are about the future life, of design competitions. Foreign design competitions begin early. The competitions aim at the development of creative thinking, but in fact, they are about “subliminal design demand”. In recent years, more and more domestic enterprises begin to organize design competitions based on the future life.From design point of view of design, in the past 20 years design in China has developed rapidly. However, in the practical design phase, the designer still has a lot of blindness. In the phase of market survey analysis, designers are often analyzed from the perspective of their own, and design will be their own individual art work. We should understand that modern product design is one part of the modern society, the modern life plans. Its standard determining factors include the standard of modern society, the modern economy and the market, the demand for people, the technology and the production conditions. Also, the aim of design is the demand of people, which is the most important factor. In one Enterprise, the market survey analysis exist both in marketing department and design department. There is inevitable link between the two. Market survey analysis of the design department is mainly about the consumer culture, lifestyle, psychology. Then return to the design itself, the design is for people demands and is about the functions, shapes, colors, way of use and carrying or packaging, and the essence of the design itself.A good design can raise the subliminal consumption and be the important factors of improving the life style for customers. Another saying is that design finds the consumer needs and creates the consumer needs. The theory of subliminal demand is based on customer psychology research, consumption research and design research. How to do the market survey analysis from the point of view of design is a problem at present and also the problem of home digital products. Therefore, the research of “subliminal design demand ” is also the subliminal demand of designmarket in China.

August Strindberg’s View of Female (Education Papers posted on May 27th, 2015 )

As an outstanding dramatist, novelist, and autobiographer, Strindberg manifested versatile creative ideas. The pioneering and modernizing traits in his creative workmanship enabled him to stand out in modern literature, and earned him an honor as father of Sweden modern literature. It is his view of female that has aroused much attention and disputes. Strindberg’s mercury attitude towards female went in accordance with his creative thoughts, thus through the former, we can command Strindberg’s creation, whether in extent or depth, has kept ahead among contemporary peers.Strindberg’s personal experiences had a close bearing on the formation and development of his view of female. Childhood experiences, the oppressive family environment, as well as longing for maternal love, all of them had made a dual personality, self-conceit and self-contempt, humility and vanity out of the young Strindberg. This dual personality resulted in his contradictory attitudes towards female as well as life. That put his life and love into conflicts of binary separation between soul and flesh, emotion and sexuality. Therefore, more attentions have been called to his spiritual infrastructure of all time, and basically, his character can be categorized to a marginal personality disorder and originated from long Economic trouble, dilemma between belief and creation, his works were not accepted for a long time, and he wasn’t understand by his family and so on. Three unsuccessful marriage aggravated his extremes attitude towards female, and also affected his view of women both in life and creative work. Besides, his attitude towards female resulted from an imperceptible Christian view of women. For in his early years, Strindberg’s view of women could be called subversive, and the idea of original sin played a turning-point role in his attitude towards female. And the influnce of Oriental Buddhist concepts echo with Christian idea of original sin. So in terms of Philosophy, he showed immense interest in Swedenborg, and his extremely pessimistic attitude came into being with Schopenhauer’s effect. In regard to genology, study of religion and Philosophy, the above-mentioned could serve as the origins in Strindberg’s view of women.The keynote of Strindberg’s ideas and works is his contempt for female. From his works, we can learn that they hold an unshakable foundation, that’s to say, the intelligence and physical power of female appear much less than male, so female is an inferior animal. While his attitude towards women came out immutable, his view of women underwent a development process: from women’s natural role as a dutiful wife and loving mother, as a practioner of maternity, then her grinding of man, to a savior, etc. In his creative works, he made a developmental definition of female’s position and role, with distinctive character at each stage. To set himself in a time of vigorous women’s liberation movement, Strindberg was neither a firm opponent of women’s liberation, nor a proponent following suit. And his radical ideas towards women’s liberation is no less than Ibsen’s.With women’s liberation as a breakthrough point, he made his entry into society at his early stages of creation, and held a unique view of women’s independence. So he was a sober pioneer in his objective view of the mixed reality among feminist movement. And we can see the following three points clearly: Firstly, Strindberg’s view of marriage and family could be revealed from conflicting relationships between female and male. In his works, we could know that marriage is the scale of serious imbalance, pointing to the female all the time; Secondly, this view embodies in the importance of family. Family is one of the warm images in his works. In the writer’s eyes, family is the only homeland and a way to salvation to obtain acceptance and understanding; Thirdly, it unfolded to be attached to maternity and importance to children. All of these represent his knowledge and criticism about women.His thought about female dominates his drama and other literary creative works. His view of women played a considerable and significant role in his works. So his creation had brought forth an outlook of female images, female subjects and feminist criticism, and added unique wealth for the world literary treasure.

Growth of High Quality Silicon Germanium with Nano-templates (Education Papers posted on May 27th, 2015 )

Because of its unique physical and chemical properties, germanium shows great potential for device applications in microelectronics and optoelectronics. Moreover the compatibility with conventional silicon-based CMOS processes makes Ge more attractive than other semiconductor materials. Ordered Ge quantum dots (QDs) with high density and uniform size can be used to fabricating IR photodetectors, single electron devices, Si-based light emitters and maybe quantum computers. Ge films with low dislocation density have great application potential for IR photodetectors and multi-junction solar cells.In this dissertation, molecule beam epitaxy (MBE) method was exploited to fabricate Ge QDs and films. The density, size, shape and site of Ge QDs and dislocation density of Ge films under different conditions were investigated. Several characterization methods, such as Scanning Electron Microscope, Atomic Force Microscopy Raman Spectrometer, Etch Pit Density and Reflected High Energy Electron Diffraction (RHEED) were used to characterize samples.The main part and the innovation point of this dissertation is growth of high quality Ge QDs using porous alumina membranes (PAMs) direct as templates. We had a systemic and detailed discussion and reasonable analysis on the morphology and structural characteristics of Ge QD arrays, which were attributed to introduction of PAMs, substrates temperature, deposition amount of Ge and aspect ratio of PAM pores. The long-range well-ordered Ge QD arrays formed a duplication of PAM at500℃, while the hexagonal packed Ge QD arrays were complementary with PAM at400℃. Caused by the coeffect of substrate temperature and PAM, an obviously increasing trend of size was found as the substrate temperature decreased from600℃to400℃. Different shapes of Ge QDs with different aspect ratios of PAMs were discovered. Utilizing a geometrical optic method and kinetics, the mechanism of Ge QDs with such shapes was well discussed. Additionally, distinct tensile strain was found in Ge QDs which was beneficial for potential fabrication of light emitters. In this dissertation, selective growth of Ge films was also studied. We grew Ge films selectively on the substrates covered by a layer of silica nanospheres using spin coating self-assembly method and electrostatic self-assembly method, and finally obtained high quality Ge films with low dislocation density. We studied different growth stages by RHEED, and explained the forming mechanism of the terrace structures found after growth. By comparing with the comparison, the quality of Ge film by selectively growing was evaluated.The study of growth of high quality SiGe materials with nanotemplates builds the foundation for the development of growth of high quality SiGe materials and the study of SiGe-based devices.