Curative Effect Observation on the Postherpetic Neuralgia with Round Acupuncture and DU. Moxibustion (Education Papers posted on October 23rd, 2014 )

ObjectiveThis subject will give the patients who have already got the postherpetic neuralgia a randomized controlled clinical research methods study, we observed the round acupuncture and DU. moxibustion treatment of postherpetic neuralgia’s clinical effects. Attempt to explore the effective ways of clinical treatment of postherpetic neuralgia acupuncture with acupuncture and moxibustion.MethodsThis study used randomized control group research method, and we select 60 patients with the PHN belong to the Wuhan No.1 Hospital, then randomly divided them into two groups for treatment. One group of 30 patients is using the Round Acupuncture and DU. Moxibustion (the treatment group) while the other group of 30 patients is only using the Round Acupuncture (the control group). Two groups were not statistically significant difference (P> 0.05) in gender, age, disease duration, scores, etc. before treatment, so that those two groups are comparable. Both the two groups’patients are treated once a day, and after 5 days rest 1 day, each 5 days’ treatment is one course of treatment, each patient must to complete the treatment of 20 times. We are Use the visual analogue scale (VAS), SF-MPQ score pain points, Hamilton Depression Scale score as the integrated effect of therapeutic index, test before and after each course of treatment, and then record the scores. In conclusion, we establish a database with every data observed after the use of statistical analysis software package SPSS13.0.ResultsA total of 62 patients involved in the research, and the patients in both groups met the inclusion criteria and non-exclusion criteria before treatment, but during the whole treatment period there were 2 patients didn’t complete the whole treatment. In all there are 60 patients have completed the entire research process. After the overall treatment, we get the value of the scores’ differences of the two groups were significant (P<0.01, P<0.05). The results of the treatment group are better than the control group’s.ConclusionsCurative effect observation on the postherpetic neuralgia with round acupuncture and DU. moxibustion has a good effect on the patient’s pain, sleep quality, mentalstatus, symptoms and other aspects of comprehensive, and more effective than the control group.Our treatment of the subject are secure, satisfactory, and convenient for the PHN patients.

Microstrip Dual-mode Bandpass Filter with Novel Rectangular-loop Perturbation (Education Papers posted on October 23rd, 2014 )

As the rapid progress and application of wireless communication techniques, the RF components have a development tendency of miniaturization, high performance, low cost and multi-layer integration. As an important component of communication system, the performance of filter will play a key role in communication system. Miniaturization, low insertion loss and high spurious responses suppression of filter have attracted much attention. Microstrip dual-mode bandpass filter not only has the advantage of miniaturization, high performance and low cost, but also is easy to integrate. Microstrip dual-mode bandpass filter with novel rectangular-loop has been studied in this dissertation to realize miniaturized broadband bandpass filter which is easy to adjust. The work involved in this thesis includes four main parts, as follows:Firstly, a novel double loop dual-mode bandpass filter is proposed which consists a full wavelength rectangular resonator and a rectangular-loop for the purpose of perturbation. The rectangular-loop has two tunable parameters which increase the degree of freedom of dual-mode and make the miniaturization easier. Tapped coupling can be used to change the transmission zeros so that the performance of filter is improved. A prototype filter is designed and fabricated with measured center frequency of 2.41GHz, fractional bandwidth of 17.77%, low passband insertion loss of 0.67dB, high passband return loss of 17dB and wide stop band with rejection better than 20dB.Secondly, a meandering dual-mode microstrip bandpass filter using rectangular-loop perturbation is proposed. The meandering structure has the advantage of small size and the gradually changed tapped input/output structure arranged at 180°geometrically along a straight line enhances the performance of the filter and the adjustability of transmission zeros. A prototype filter is designed and fabricated with center frequency of 2.45GHz. The measured fractional bandwidth is 10.98%, insertion loss is 0.8dB, and return loss is over 15dB.Thirdly, a dual-mode dual-band bandpass filter with rectangular-loop perturbation and stacked structure is presented. The dual-band filter consists of two dual-mode resonators with rectangular- loop perturbation on different layers, which need only single input and output. This structure has the advantage of tuning two passbands easily and independently, good performance,and tuning transmission zeros easily. The center frequencies of the proposed filter are 2.4GHz and 3.8GHz, and the minimum insertion loss of the two passbands is 3.37 dB and 1.85 dB, respectively.At last, a dual-band bandpass filter is realized by meandering dual-mode resonator with novel rectangular loop perturbation is presented. The dual-band filter consists of two dual-mode resonators which needs only single input and output. This structure has the advantage of tuning two passbands easily and independently and good performance. The center frequencies of the proposed filter are 2.38GHz and 3.56GHz, and the minimum insertion loss of the two passbands is 1.42 dB and 2.34 dB respectively.

On Equality and Difference from the Political Perspective of Feminism (Education Papers posted on October 23rd, 2014 )

Recently, in western region of thinking and culture, feminism as an important concept is concerned all the while by some disciplines such as politics, sociology, Economics and Philosophy. The subjects, prospects and research methods of feminism not only help to rich the theoretical frameworks of some disciplines, but also bring significant impulsion to the internal connotation politics. Feminism do not just content with patching up the frameworks of politics, but its ultimate objective is to thoroughly change the current modes and frameworks of politics, by building politics of feminism. For this reason, feminists carry out a lot of positive tries. As far as politics is concerned, the impacts western feminism posed mainly embodies the recognition towards equality and difference in several waves of feminisms, which give huge impact on conventional conceptions of politics and political power. This article plan to research from three perspectives, that is concept and historical evolutionary of feminism, internal logical changes of feminism, and feminism’s impacts on thinking modes, proceeding overview of western feminism under the visual fields of politics. Then this article summarizes its anciently main contributions of investigation,and explore currently new impulsive of research, by revealing the impacts and influence western feminism give to politics.This thesis contains three parts: Part one on concept and historical evolutionary of feminism; Part two on from equality to difference: the internal logical changes of feminism; Part three on the impacts on thinking modes of politics posed by feminism.The concept and historical evolutionary of feminism contains three aspects: The first is the feminism as a stream of thoughts, which embodies the meaning and value of feminism as it is the critical thought towards existent Social and political orders. Meantime, there are not inherent schools in feminism, in stead, a lot of different separactively thoughts concourse at the name of feminism. The second is feminism as a movement .Feminism exercises some kind of ways to finish several ends with the purpose of elucidatory objects. Only when the pure theories and thinking were transformed to particular freed, method and instrument of action, can feminism as ideology make sense and has true intension of thought. The third is the meaning of make a distinct of feminism’s two directions. In the two directions of feminism, the emergence of thought direction posterior to the movement direction, in addition, the thought direction to a great extent derives from the Social movement direction which has a prolific intention. It is important to realize that the interaction of two directions make the evolution and development of feminism as an ideology.This thesis discuss the internal logical changes of feminism, separately by resolving the equality cognition of the first wave feminism, the equality cognition of the second wave feminism, and the difference cognition of the third wave feminism, consequently reveal the changes back and forth of internal view of value and internal logic of feminism. The attention towards equality and difference not only is the important contents of feminism’s rhetorical evolutionary progression, but also the realization of this two concepts form the important foundations of feminism as the movement and the stream of thoughts, which make the feminism at different era to display its characteristics of development and limitations.This article argues that there exist impacts on thinking modes of politics posed by feminism. This section contains two aspects. First, the internal logical changes make a lot of positive effects on the theoretical frameworks of politics. Second, the critic meanings are offered by internal logical changes. The core factors of the first section focus on the new understandings of equality, when feminists realize the essential differences in history and politics. With the development of feminism, the theoretical frameworks of politics which the feminists adopted are always changing. Differing from the first two waves of feminisms, which draws on to a great extent liberalism and socialism, the third wave of feminism takes a critic adoption of communitarianism. Furthermore, feminisms also riches and deepens the contents of political theoretical frameworks by thinking over their role and influences, and by introducing the practice of feminism movements, which advanced the theoretical feedback degree to particular actual questions. The second section contains two aspects: First, this thesis divides the women status under western tradition between and modern political, which as the essential status. The earlier liberalism feminists think that women posses the reason as same as men from the perspective of liberalism, then they claim the nature rights together with men. The consequent socialism feminist stress on the gender is strutted by society, and as a result which weak the traditional divide between custom and nature. And the third wave of feminism which also has the name of racial feminism focus on the difference and enlighten that the ethics of care is as same as ethics of justice. Furthermore, feminism criticizes the dichotomy of public and private spheres of politics. Feminists clearly realize the private sphere is not the sphere which politics doesn’t exist, but actually the private sphere is the most important areas women exercise their power.After early 1970s, when western feminists refute the subordinate status and gender differences of women,granularly they present their explicit political arguments. Among feminisms of liberalism, socialism and communitarianism, they survey their relative civic rights, and pose a great of powerful influences on political theories by claming at equality and rights. The political theories and cultural thoughts should not ignore the ideas of feminism; otherwise they will not refrain from the thought forms with devoid of content. Therefore, Chinese political researchers should face the challenge from the western feminism.

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Study of Treatment Principle of the Syndrome of Blood Symptom Complex Based on Data Analysis of Ancient and Modern Medical Records (Education Papers posted on October 23rd, 2014 )

This issue through literature research and analysis of modern statistical methods,and explore Blood Symptom Complex treatment laws,look forward to evidence for clinical treatment of Blood Symptom Complex and to provide more diagnosis from the new ideas.The first part was to use bibliography to learn methods of collection of ancient literature,from the perspective of historical development of ancient medicine on the Blood Symptom Complex on the disease to carry out a comprehensive summary and review.Systematic analysis of the blood evidence of disease,etiology,pathogenesis,treatment,and many other aspects to the overall understanding of blood from the forensic evidence of the development of the law of governance for future research to lay the basis of the literature.The second part is the data analysis of Medical cases.It conducted systematic compiling of the Medical records and clinical reports of 1885 cases on Blood Symptom Complex from the literatures,it set up the database of symptoms and prescriptions related with the treatment of Blood Symptom Complex in both ancient and modern time.And then it made mathematical statistics analysis like frequencies,factors,clustering etc.Using SAS System for Windows V9.1 statistical software,it summed up high-frequency symptoms and medicines and analyzed the type of syndrome,causes, pathogenesis,medication characteristics and principles.The third part,can be divided into three parts.(1) summarizes the statistical results based on Blood Symptom Complex(epistaxis,hemoptysis, hematemesis,urinating blood,hematochezia,purpura) the law of the syndrome:the syndrome,including their type,as well as the law of mass change.(2) According to the results of statistical analysis of the herb summarized the laws of hemorrhagic diseases.Creating three-stpeps therapy method:foundation prescription,BianZheng prescription and symptom prescription.Can be directly used to guide clinical treatment.(3) summed up the Blood Symptom Complex of the herb treatment law permits.Including the use of tonic,the use of hemostatic law,as well as the ore type,carbon type of drug use laws,and made general charcoal hypothesis.In addition,summed up Channel-Tropism character’s of the Blood Symptom Complex and the period of administration of the laws of the different characteristics.

Statistical Evaluation Method of Medical Treatment Quality Assessment (Education Papers posted on October 23rd, 2014 )

Weighted TOPSIS method. Weighted Rank-Sum Ratio method and Prin-cipal Analysis method are three comparatively mature estimation methods which are applied internationally and extensively in the estimation of medi-cal treatment quality. In this thesis, theoretical research is done about these three methods with focus on the issue of Medical treatment quality. Baaed on the figures of the quality of a third-grade class-A hospital’s Medical treatment from2005to2010, the author chooses two analysis dimensions:the quality of work and the efficiency of work, applies Weighted TOPSIS method. Weighted Rank-Sum Ratio method, Principal Component Analysis method and SAS9.1statistical software in figure analysis, and compares the three methods accord-ing to the results of figure analysis. Though the results obtained by using these three methods have differences, they are highly correlated. The result got by using Weighted TOPSIS method is the most rational, that by Princi-pal Component Analysis method ranks second, whereas the use of Weighted Rank-Sum Ratio method’s results in comparatively lower accuracy. This s-tudy tells researchers to put the characteristics of the figures and the analysis principles of different estimation methods into consideration in order to choose the proper analysis method. The practical situation should be combined to draw the estimation conclusion with caution.

Identification of Magnetic Bearing System Based on Neural Network (Education Papers posted on October 23rd, 2014 )

The Magnetic Bearing, a new type of bearing with high performance, is widely used in the fields of mechanism, turbine, vacuum and so on, and recognized for its brilliant application foreground. At present, the control to the Magnetic Bearing is mostly based on the linear control theory, and its mathematic model is achieved by linearization and approximation. But the Magnetic Bearing is a complicated nonlinear system. Linearization of the bearing makes it hard to express the behavior of the system and to control it in higher precision.Neural network is proved superior in approximating the arbitrary nonlinear continuous function, without any experiential knowledge of the object. As a result, it has become a significant tool in dealing with nonlinear systems, and plays a more and more important role in system identification. In this paper, a kind of network is designed as a mathematical model of the actual Magnetic Bearing, based on the knowledge of the mechanical analysis of the Magnetic Bearing Rotor and the fundamental of neural network. It is proved by experimental results that the designed network, named by DTNN in this paper, can represents the feature of the input-output relationship of the actual Magnetic Bearing System, and the range of the errors is acceptable. Besides, by contrast, DTNN is more suitable to simulate the system than both BP and ELMAN networks. The research in this paper probes for a new way to model the Magnetic Bearing System. The main research work in this paper has been listed below: (1) Review of the fundamental of the system identification and its Basic methods.(2) Collect data in experiment and wavelet de-noising technique is taken to remove the noise from the data collected from experiment, in order to make them appropriate for network training. (3)Design a kind of time-delay feedback network(DTNN), according to the character of input-output relationship of the Magnetic Bearing System. (4) Train the DTNN and two other kinds of network, BP and ELMAN, which have same number of layers and nodes with DTNN, using the new data. Experimental results based on new data provide a vehicle to compare the three kinds of

Investigation of Fluorescence Sensing for Ions and Small Molecules Based on the Lanthanide Organic Frameworks (Education Papers posted on October 23rd, 2014 )

Because of the unique mesoporous structure, unsaturated coordination and highly sensitive fluorescence for the coordination environment, lanthanide organic frameworks sensing for the ions and small molecules in the field of organisms and the environment, has recently aroused great concern. Taking advantage of rare earth ions and multidentate organic ligand, we synthesized frameworks with porous three-dimensional network structure. Through changing the organic ligand’s size and functional groups we can control the aperture size and geometry of the three-dimensional frameworks to probe the different kinds of molecules or ions. When the outside ions (or molecules) came into the porous rare earth organic framework, such ions (or molecules) would coordinate with the unsaturated rare earth ions or the organic ligand, which would change the chemical environment of rare earth ions and the energy transfer efficiency of the entire system and also alter the luminescence of rare-earth ions, in order to achieve the aim of probing the anions, cations and small organic molecules.The frameworks of Eu(PDC)1.5(DMF)1.5(H2O)0.5(PDC = pyridine – 3, 5 -dicarboxylate, DMF = dimethyl formamide) and Tb(BTC)·(DMF)·(H2O)0.5(BTC = 1,3,5 – benzenetricarboxylate) were synthesized by the method of solvothermal synthesis. The derived frameworks were desolvated at 140℃in the vacuum conditions to form Eu(PDC)1.5DMF and Tb(BTC)·(DMF)0.6, respectively. And the fluorescence sensing of cations, anions and organic solvent molecules fluorescence was carried out.The framework EuPDC has a good structural stability in several organic solvents and high thermal stability, and is investigated for the cation sensing (Na+、Cu2+、Co2+、Al3+、Fe3+). After activated in different concentrations of cation solutions, the fluorescence intensity all decreased regularly to some degree. Especially EuPDC is sensitive to the particular cation, such as Fe3+ and Cu2+, and its fluorescence intensity has decreased rapidly. The mechanism for the sensing of cations demonstrated by the results is mainly due to the electrostatic interaction between cations and organic ligand of framework EuPDC, which results in transferring part of photo-induced electrons to the cation, thereby reducing the energy transmission efficiency between triplet state of organic lignad and rare-earth ions which decrease the fluorescence intensity accordingly. At the same time because of different number of the outer layers, especially the outmost electron layer configurations.electronic unsaturated level of the different metal decides the ability to attract electrons, this experiment show that EuPDC is specially sensitive to Cu2+ and Fe3+ ions.The framework TbBTC is also investigated for sensing of the anion and organic solvent molecules, respectively. Fluorescence data of anion (F-、Cl-、Br-、NO3-、CO32-、SO42-) detection show that after being activated in the anion solution from the 10-5 to 10-2 mol/L, the fluorescence intensity of TbBTC is all increased to some degree. TbBTC is more sensitive to F- than other anions in the fluorescence experiment. The mechanism for sensing the special anion is that the organic ligand do not have enough coordination spots for the lanthanide Tb and several solvent molecules would coordinate with the lanthanide Tb unavoidably. Such solvent molecules always possessing fluorescence quenchers -OH, would quench the fluorescence intensity of lanthanide Tb. Bringing the anions into the holes of the frameworks, hydrogen bonding would form between anions and solvent molecules, thereby limiting the vibration of quenchers, which enhance fluorescence intensity of the lanthanide Tb. In addition anions have the different hydrogen bonding intensity with solvent molecules. From this experiment it can be seen that the F- ion and CH3OH formed a relatively strong hydrogen bonding allowing fluorescence to increase about four orders compared with the original intensity.Furthermore, the fluorescence study of framewrok TbBTC for sensing DMF, THF, acetone and tetrahydrofuran is also carried out in the solvent of n-propanol. By adding various different solvent molecules, frameworks Tb(BTC)·(DMF)0.6 fluorescence spectroscopy shows that the fluorescence intensity has changed regularly, particularly the acetone which greatly weaken the fluorescence intensity of the Tb(BTC). The sensing mechanism of such frameworks for the solvent molecules is decided by the different polarity and the characteristic absorption band of the solvent molecules which causes the energy exchange between organic lignads and solvent molecules.Based on the results, by changing the organic ligand and lanthanide ion to control the further system structure of organic framework, it is expected to synthesize a new class of specific framework sensors for ions and small organic molecules.

Experiment Study on Soil-water Characteristic Curve in Unsaturated Zone (Education Papers posted on October 23rd, 2014 )

In unsaturated zone, a variety of physical, chemical, biological and hydrological processes have been token placed, the flow 0f gas and liquid as well as the transfer and transform processes of various material components also have been happened, coupled with the superposition of human activities and the contaminations, resulting in very complicated process in unsaturated zone. A series of theoretical and practical problems such as Soil erosion , groundwater pollution, groundwater resources evaluation, soil degradation, desertification, irrigation systems, soil pollution, soil improvement, water conservancy and groundsill distortion have closely connection with unsaturated zone. The evaluation of unsaturated zone parameters is right or not have direct impact on the quality and accuracy of evaluation. The water characteristic curve is basis of unsaturated zone parameter. However, the test about the water characteristic curve in unsaturated zone have certain limitation, the relation of moisture content and capillary pressure is very complicated in the water characteristic curve and difficult to theoretically fetch exact relationship currently. Consequently, It is great important of confirming parameter in the water characteristic curve.The object of this paper is to obtain accurate water characteristic curve parameters, based on consulting and borrowing ideas from their predecessors, carefully designed and improved the experimental apparatus, put forward a reasonable plane for test. It was spent one year time to obtain measured data for five kinds of sandy soil. Taking soil water dynamics as a guidance, in virtue of Matlab software , basing on comparison algorithm, choosing six representative models of empirical formula in order to fitting parameter and sensitivity analysis for measured data.Achieving the following results:Designed test equipment can quickly and accurately obtain the measured data of the water characteristic curve.Comparing the nonlinear fitting methods with non-linear regression analysis by Matlab software, the results show that the non-linear regression is higher calculation accuracy.Selecting six models to fit the measured data of the five kind of sandy soil. Mckee and Bumb (1984) model have the smallest deviation of measured and calculated values. The average deviation is 5e-4,and the fitted parameters are well agree with the fact. Therefore Mckee and Bumb (1984) model is suitable for soil and moisture characteristic curve.Making sensitivity analysis for water characteristic curve parameters, in Mckee and Bumb (1984) model,θs andθr (saturated water and residual water content) are linear relation with water content. a(fitting parameter) is the most sensitive parameter for water content ,the parameter b(fitting parameter) is less sensitive.

Synthesis and Mechanism of Mesoporous Silica Nanotube (Education Papers posted on October 23rd, 2014 )

Recent studies on silica nanotubes have enabled researchers to critically manipulate their morphologies, which has made major contributions to nanoscience and nanotechnology. In particular, nanotubes with mesoporous walls are interesting since they have three different kinds of surfaces that are expected to differ in function; i.e., the outer surface, the inner surface of the central tubular cavity, and the mesoporous internal surface of the tubule sheath. Mesostructured silica tubules have been prepared by means of hard templates, such as porous anodic alumina membranes and polycarbonate (PC) membrane, and soft templates such as surfactants and long-chain alkylsilane. However, it is still hard to conciliate easy template synthesis with a well-shaped, morphologically homogeneous product featuring a narrow tube-diameter distribution in the nanometer range. Up to now, several hollow silica tubes with diameters ranging from 300 nm to 3μm have been synthesized by using soft templates.However,all of these materials reported previously are mesoporous silica hollow tubes rather than mesoporous silica nanotubes. In particular, in these mesoporous hollow tubes, the meso-channels in the wall run circularly around or parallel to the tubular axis.Our approach is based on the self-assembly of lipid tubes formed from partially neutralized carboxylate surfactants upon addition of inorganic acids and the subsequent formation of mesostructure by the re-assembly of lipid tubes in the presence of both CSDA and silica source.This re-assembly templating route produced high-quality nanometer- sized silica tubes with mesoporous walls that have never been reported previously. Here, the particular attention was focused on the different degree of neutralization of N-myristoyl-L-alanine sodium salt (C14-L-AlaS) and the time course of structural changes of nanotubes.Herein,the synthesis of the mesoporous silica nanotube, the mechanism of such synthesis, and the application of the mesoporous silica nanotube will be discussed.In chapter 1, the Basic synthesis mechanism, the structure and morphology, the functionalization, and the current applications of the mesoporous materials were firstly reviewed. Then, the character of the silica nanotube materials, the current studies on the hard template, and the soft template synthesized the mesoporous silica nanotube, and several mechanism were reviewed. In chapter 2, we employed C14-L-AlaS as template and TMAPS as CSDA and performed the synthesis and characterization of mesoporous nanotubes. A molecular mechanism was speculated to explain based on the self- assembly of lipid tubes formed from partially neutralized carboxylate surfactants upon addition of inorganic acids and the subsequent formation of mesostructure by the re-assembly of lipid tubes in the presence of both CSDA and silica source.In chapter 3, the mesoporous silica nanotube was synthesized by using different amino acids based chiral anionic surfactants as template according to the co-structure directing method. The effects of different parameters on the structure and morphology of the mesoporous silica nanotube were checked.In chapter 4, sums up the work and proposes the outlook.

Miserable and Merry Lives of Trifle Characters (Education Papers posted on October 23rd, 2014 )

Thomas Hardy is an important Britain writer, novelist and poet. As a poet, Handy’s poems are widely appreciated and praised, as a novelist, Hardy’s long novels have the highest reputation within the range of the world, but his series of short novels have not drawn people’s attention too much, which are usually swallowed up in the light circle of long novels. In reality, Hardy’s short novels, the rhythms are swift, the plots are close, the characters’images are alive, the stories themselves are extremely readable, especially those various trifle characters are full of humanity’s charming and glowing light.In many long novels, Hardy builds up a vast of grand and beautiful Wessex system, which is not only a place, but also contains natural views and customs. After entering industrial society, this original Xanadu has been impacted heavily so that the whole Social structure is hiding the possibility of tragedies. Meanwhile, quiet and pretty countryside itself is also concealing a variety of crises, in which there are pure customs, kind folks and good original air, while are full of backward ideas, old customs, therefore Hardy himself is also full of contradiction with it.In addition, Hardy’s short stories are wide spreading thick Wessex air and feeling, which show swift beauty due to lackness of that burden and seriousness though they are less grand than long novels. Most of the trifle characters in countryside entered our view because the stories more often happened in the countryside, who are the excellent persons written by Hardy, who showed us miserable and merry life of these trifle characters, in the meanwhile expressed his contradiction but passionate love to British old countryside.Under the large background of Wessex, the trifle characters are experiencing sadness, happiness, departure and meeting of their lives. In an unique style, although”Miserable merry lives”as they are, they are more sad, less happy, and some of the novels end in comedies, the readers are also at a loss about them. From Hardy’s stories, we can see that whenever and which

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