The micro transducers with flexible substrate have showed great adva… (Education Papers posted on June 10th, 2015 )

The micro transducers with flexible substrate have showed great advantages for some special application. In this paper, the processing methods of micro transducers with three types of flexible substrate are presented. And micro balloon actuator array with metal-based substrate and micro tactile sensor with polyimide and PDMS substrate are developed.As a typical metal-based flexible micro transducer, a micro balloon actuator for active flow control is developed. The structure of micro balloon actuator was designed. And the actuators are fabricated by specific processing. Load-actuation deflection behavior of the actuators has been characterized, which shows such kind of actuator has high load limit and good linearity of pressure load-deflection behavior. Wind tunnel experiments are carried out. And the results indicate that the micro balloon actuator is an effective means for the drag reduction or lift increase of airfoil.Utilizing polyimide and PDMS as substrate respectively, two kinds of flexible micro tactile sensors are developed. The structures of these sensors are designed and the detecting circuit is described. The focus is on the optimization of the structure dimension. And the corresponding fabrication processes of the sensors with two substrates are investigated. One kind of the sensors is fabricated using the flexible copper-clad polyimide film.

Research on Benefit Mechanism of Local Government Co-opetition (Education Papers posted on June 10th, 2015 )

Since the reforms in decentralization and marketization in 1980s, the Chinese government has divided its powers to the local divisions stage by stage and has enabled them more and more independent roles of regional interest entities. On dealing with certain issues, the rational actions of some local government may turn into the irrational ones in terms of macroeconomics. In order to develop its regional economy, the local power competes fiercely against its counterparts. Actually speaking, they pay high and gain much less than their maximal interests in the vicious competition. Meantime, this competition will be intensified further along with the elevation of the status of the regional economy during the processes of reform and opening, world science and technology innovation, and globalization. In particular, China’s entry into WTO has placed the responsibilities on the local governments of not only developing themselves, but reinforcing the competitiveness of the state. It is known that the key point to advance the country’s overall strength is to integrate its inside parts. Likewise, the essence of realizing the regional competitiveness is the regionally internal integration. Accordingly, it can regulate the competition among local governments with the guidance for them to forward towards co-opetition in accordance with their separate interests, which will boost the constant development of both regional and overall economy.The paper assumes that the local governmental relations are inevitable to trend toward co-opetition. It attempts to construct a model to construe the reasons of regionally governmental competitions from the angle of the interest relations. After the analysis of impact of interest changes of local governments on their co-opetitions, it proposes corresponding mechanisms to speed up the co-opetitions, i.e. interest regulation mechanism, interest partaking mechanism and interest competition mechanism.

Planning Method Research of Remote Sensing Data Acquisition Resources with Emergencies (Education Papers posted on June 10th, 2015 )

With the development of space remote sensing data acquisition technology, it gets more and more attention of government that using space Data Acquisition Resources (DARs) to observe and evaluate the status of natural disasters, public emergencies and moving targets. Acquiring remote sensing data in good time can provide information to make a decision in the emergency environment efficiently with the purpose of reducing the harm of natural disasters and public emergencies to the minimum.Our country has satellites of disasters inspecting, weather satellites and other various types of earth observe satellites, but currently we have no en effective mechanism for the unified planning and scheduling of all DARs. So, in this paper, we design a framework of this DARs planning and scheduling problem, and according to this framework, we carry out an expert system for tasks allocation and DARs filtrating, also we provided two kinds programming arithmetic. The main research content of this paper and innovation points are shown as follows:1. On the base of research and analysis of space DARs planning and scheduling, we program two kinds of model tightly coupled and loosely coupled for DARs planning and scheduling based on the characteristic that there are variety of DARs and these DARs are supervised by different departments.2. According to the framework, in the data pre-processing module, we design an expert system based on rules for task allocation and resource filtering by calling the CLIPS expert inference engine.3. For the DARs planning of emergency, we design greedy arithmetic and genetic arithmetic to select the observations of all usable DARs. And experiment shows that the greedy arithmetic is appropriate for less scale problem and genetic arithmetic is more appropriate for larger scale problem.4. With urgent request of remote sensing data in true-life of our country, we design a planning and scheduling system of DARs to emergency. And this system can works quickly for different problem scales.

The Reliability of Fund Maintenance System with Priority (Education Papers posted on June 10th, 2015 )

Repairable system is a system of great importance discussed in reliability theory. In the past, scholars around the world tended to base the study of repairable system model on the hypothesis of continuous time. However, there are few people in China who would give priority to certain parts in the system when doing maintenance and repairing work to maintain a high-performance of the whole system, which is due to the complexity of the problem.The truth is that in real life, when we regularly examine and repair the system, statistic values such as service life and repair time should be taken as random sequence of non-negative integral value instead of continuous random variable. It is necessary to study the characteristics of discrete repairable system, which could be an example in Engineering application, and has a wide application prospect for network topological structure in the Computer field.Based on existing research results, the paper has studied several aspects of the reliability of fund Maintenance System Consists of Two Types of Components with Priority as follows:In the chapter 2, the paper discusses three case of the reliability of cold-fund Maintenance System Consists of Two Types of Components with priority: Firstly, In the condition of absolutely reliable switch, we study the cold-fund system which consists of two types of components with priority, and a maintained distributions of the working time and maintaining time are general time distributions. Secondly, In the condition of unreliable switch, we study the cold-fund system which consists of two types of components with priority, and a maintained distributions of the working time and maintaining time are general time distributions. Finally, In the condition of absolutely reliable switch, we study the cold-fund system which consists of two types of components with priority, and a maintained distributions of the working time and maintaining time are geometric distributions. Then we deduce some reliability indicators of these models by Markov process, Generating Function, LS-transformation, L-transformation.In the chapter 3, discussing two case of the reliability of warm-fund Maintenance System Consists of Two Types of Components with priority: Firstly, using the theory of classical reliability, in the condition of absolutely reliable switch. we set a reliability model about Markov maintenance system on warm-fund. This warm-fund consists of two types of components with priority and a maintained device. We also deduce some reliability indicator of this model by principles and methods, LS-transformation. Secondly, In the condition of absolutely reliable switch, we study the warm-fund system which consists of two types of components with priority, and a maintained distributions of the working time and maintaining time are geometric distributions. We also deduce some reliability indicators of this model by Markov process, Generating Function, LS-transformation.In the chapter 4, the paper discusses Fuzzy Reliability of Warm-fund Maintenance System of Two Components with Priority, using the theory of classical reliability and fuzzy reliability, in the condition of absolutely reliable switch; we set a fuzzy reliability model about Markov maintenance system on warm-fund. This warm-fund consists of two types of components with priority and a maintained device. We also deduce some fuzzy reliability indicator of this model by principles and methods, LS-transformation.

Crystal Structures and Luminescence of Complexes of Bis-[(3,5-dimethyl)-4-pyrazole]methane: Toward the Effect of Second Ligands (Education Papers posted on June 10th, 2015 )

Spaced-bipyrazole ligands are a family of polydentate, middle-hard-base donors that can form stable coordination compounds with most of transition metal ions. Because of their labile, non-chelating and linking coordination modes, the ligands can be used as linkage for construction of structurally intriguing coordination polymers, thus they have attracted extensive attention of current coordination chemistry. For that reason, we prepared a ligand, namely, bis-[(3,5-dimethyl)-4-pyrazole]methane (DMPM) and, using it as primary ligand, along with different second ligand, synthesized 11 coordination polymers, which were structurally identified by single crystal and powder X-ray diffractions, and some of which were photophysically investigated. Herein, we report the structures and properties of these products sorted according to the types of second ligands.Chapter 1 introduces briefly the progress of coordination chemistry research and the factors affecting the construction of complexes. Subsequently a survey on the on-going advance of DMPM coordination chemistry is made and finally the aim of the present work is elucidated.In chapter 2, we reports three new complexes, synthesized from reactions of DMPM, as main ligand, and linking anions (I-, SCN-,SO42-), as second ligands, with metal salts. Among the products, [Cd(I)2(DMPM)] (1) is a zero-dimensional (0-D) dinuclear complex, while [Cd(SCN)2(DMPM)2]n (2) and [Cu(SO4)(DMPM)]n (3) are 1-D. In all three compounds, the first ligands act as angular linkers. In crystal packing, all three compounds give the high-dimensional supramolecular systems unified via hydrogen bonds.Chapter 3 includes four Cd2+ complexes with DMPM as primary ligand and aromatic polycarboxylic acids (phthalic (H2PA), terephthalic (H2TPA), isophthalic (H2IPA), and benzene-1,3,5-tricarboxylic (H3BTA)) as axiliary ligands. X-Ray structural analysis reveals that [Cd(BA)(Cl)(DMPM)2]n (4) is uniquely assembled in 1-D because the H2PA losses one of two carboxylates and so acts as a terminal ligand, stopping the extension of coordination polymer along its propagation. For the reason, the complex, in virtue of the linking of DMPM, structures as a chain running along a direction. Complexes, [Cd(TPA)(DMPM)]n(5), [Cd(IPA)(DMPM)]n(6), [Cd(HBTA)(DMPM)]n(7), are 2-D. Particularly, the first ligands in 5 are cis-configured, incorporating into TPAs, give a plain three-connection (6,3) topology. Instead, those in 6 are configured as either cis or trans, of which the cis, combining to Cd2+ ions, furnishes the zigzag chains and the trans, combining to Cd2+ ions, furnishes the helices. With incorporation of Cd2+ into the diversely configured DMPMs and angular IPAs, the ternary polymer gives a binodal (52.62.72)(53.63) topologized net. Indicatively, the first ligands in 7 are all trans-configured, to work together with HBTA, rendering a (4, 4) network. Luminescence spectra of three 2-D complexes suggest that the energies of DMPM-based emissions of them are analogous, but not the widths. A suggestion of the observation is that the photoresponse of DMPM is subject to its coordination manner. What is more, the thermal analysis reveals that the complexes are decomposed in the same way, but different in the desertion temperature of DMPM, based on which we can conclude that the second ligands affect not only the coordination mode of DMPM and assembly of coordination polymers, but also their luminosity and thermal property.In chapter 4, four complexes with DMPM as first ligand and pyridine dicarboxylic acids (2,5-pyridine dicarboxylic acid (2,5-PDC), 2,6- pyridine dicarboxylic acid (2,6-PDC)) as second ligands, are demonstrated, of which the [Cd(3-PDC)2(DMPM)]n (8) is 2-D and can be reduced into a (44, 62) topological network, therein the 2,5-PDC appears as 3-picolinic acid for the decarboxylation of 2-position and gives the double-stranded helix, in combination to Cd2+. Instead, the [Zn(2,5-PDC)(DMPM)]n (9) constructs as a 1-D triple strand. In another comparison, the Cl-involving [Cd2(2,6-PDC)(μ2-Cl)(Cl)(DMPM)·H2O]n (10) configures as a 2-D network presenting a (42.62)2(42.62.82) topology, in contrast to the I-involving [Cd2(2,6-PDC)I2(DMPM)]n (11), as a grid-like network. Fluorescence of 8 and 10 indicates that the photoresponses of two compounds are comparable, meaning that the position-isomeric second ligands not significantly affect the bulk photobehavior of the complexes.

The Algorithm Research of Image Denoising Based on Median filter and Wavelet transform (Education Papers posted on June 10th, 2015 )

Nowadays society has entered the new era of digital information, image signal hasbecome a very important media and way to attain and transport the information. Image signalis often interfered due to disturbance from different kinds of sudden noise in the process ofgeneration, transmission and recording, which make a bad the impact on the following imageprocessing. For instance, image segmentation, feature extraction, etc. Therefore, before thefollowing processing, we should process the image to reduce the noise first, which is an veryimportant task.This article mainly gives an account of the most common image noise, impulse noise andGaussian noise, using the image denoising technique of wavelet filter and median filter. Thisresearch contents consist of the following three aspects:First, this article carries on the standard median filter, improvement median filter andextremum median filter algorithms. It gives a kind of improvement median filter algorithmand studies its main performance after analysing the merits and dismerits of differentalgorithms. Comparing it with other algorithm by simulation experiments, the result showsthat this algorithm has good affect to the detail protective and image denoising.Next, this article does some researches on the image denoising methods based onwavelet. After analyzing wavelet coefficient characteristic of natural images, it deeplyresearches threshold function and threshold selection in the wavelet threshold filter, it usesbased on the impulse noise examination median filter method to remove impulse noise anduses the wavelet threshold value filter method to remove the Gauss noise. The experimentalresults indicate that the algorithm is better than other wavelet denoising algorithms whenremoving Gaussian white noise.Finally, this article focus on that one denoising method is only effective to some one kindof noise in common cases.In order to suppress the mixed noise,this paper gives an image denoising algorithm, which combines the adaptive median filter based on extremum medianfilter with the wavelet denoising based on Gaussian Mixture Model.The simulation testingdemonstrates that this method has the usability and the validity compared with the sole filtereffect.

The Research of the CCP’s Democratic Administrative Problem (Education Papers posted on June 10th, 2015 )

The CCP’ s democratic administration theory is the supplement and development for the Marxist democratic theory and the important component of the socialist democratic politics with Chinese characteristics. It is the need of enlarging our party’s leading foundation and enhancing the abilities of administration. It is the rational choice of constructing the CCP’ s ruling abilities and the impersonal demand of acquiring the administrative validity and consolidating the administrative status.The article expounds the status and function of democratic administration briefly, tires the theory and practice of the CCP’ s democratic administration systematically, summarizes the experience, puts forward to the main problems our party meet during the democratic administration at present and gives the solution. It studies and explores the problems of democratic administration systematically, and takes on the important theoretical and practical significance.

Design and synthesis of amphiphilic copolymer with complex architect… (Education Papers posted on June 10th, 2015 )

Design and synthesis of amphiphilic copolymer with complex Architecture are always pursued by polymer chemists in past decades. Thanks to the development of living polymerization, combining the living radical polymerization with ionic polymerization, some linear and nonlinear (such as comb-like, star, dendritic, hyperbranch) copolymers are synthesized.Amphiphilic and functional ABC triblock copolymers have attracted more interests in the last decades for their widely application in self-assembly field. Among their different components poly(ethylene oxide)(PEO) was the most familiar, due to its outstanding properties such as biocompatibility, crystallizability and well dissolvability in water and most organic solvent. That’s why PEO was always considered as one of the blocks when scientists design new ABC triblock copolymers.On the other hand, for the amphiphilic multiblock copolymers, the synthesis is solely confined in polycondesation of prepolymers. It is still a challenge to explore a simple and effective way to synthesize these copolymers via living polymerization. Herein, we have synthesized different ABC triblock copolymers by the combination of different living polymerization, and study the effect on the properties of triblock copolymers with PEO as different position, and this was rarely investigated. In this paper, the triblock copolymers mPEO-b-PCL-b-PS and PS-b-PEO-b-PCL with PEO as different position were successfully synthesized by the combination of living anionic polymerization, coordination-insertion ring-opening polymerization, atom transfer radical polymerization, and nitroxide-mediated radical polymerization. The main results have been obtained as follows:1. The ABC amphiphilic triblock copolymers mPEO-b-PCL-b-PS was designed and synthesized. The EO was polymerized by living anionic polymerization using di(ethylene glycol) potassium as initiator, theα-methoxy poly(ethylene oxide) (mPEO) was obtained. The mPEO was served as macroinitiator to initiate the polymerization ofε-caprolactone by coordination-insertion ring-opening polymer- ization using stannous octoate (Sn(Oct)2) as catalyst, and the diblock copolymers were obtained. Then the macroinitiator mPEO-b-PCL-Br for atom-transfer radical polymerization was obtained by 2-Bromoisobutyryl bromide reacting with the hydroxyl at the end of resultant diblock mPEO-b-PCL. Finally, the mPEO-b-PCL-Br was served to initiate the polymerization of styrene (St) by atom-transfer radical polymerization (ATRP) in the present of copper bromide and N,N,N’,N”,N”-Pentamethyldiethylenetriamine(PMDETA), and the desired triblock copolymers mPEO-b-PCL-b-PS were obtained. The investigation of kinetics of the polymerization of styrene confirmed that the polymerization was under control. The desired triblock copolymer and its intermediates were characterized.2. The ABC amphiphilic triblock copolymers PS-b-PEO-b-PCL was designed and synthesized. Firstly, the EO was polymerized by living anionic polymerization using 4-hydroxyl-2,2,6,6-tetramethylpiperidinyl-1 -oxy and diphenylmethyl-potassium (DPMK) as initiator, and the TEMPO-PEO with 2,2,6,6-tetramethylpiperidinyl-1-oxy(TEMPO) and hydroxyl end group was obtained. The TEMPO radical in TEMPO-PEO acted as a radical trapper to mediate the polymerization of styrene (St) by nitroxide-mediated radical polymerization (NMP) using benzoyl peroxide (BPO) as initiator, and the diblock copolymers were obtained. Finally, The PS-b-PEO was served as macroinitiator to initiate the polymerization ofε-caprolactone by coordination-insertion ring-opening polymerization using stannous octoate (Sn(Oct)2) as catalyst, and the desired triblock copolymers PS-b-PEO-b-PCL were obtained. The desired triblock copolymer and its intermediates were characterized.The position of each block of multiblock copolymers have effect for properties of multiblock copolymers. It was confirmed that the PEO block position have effect on Tg and Tm of each block of ABC amphiphilic triblock copolymers mPEO-b-PCL-b-PS and PS-b-PEO-b-PCL by DSC.

The Function Analysis of International Atomic Energy Agency in the Nonproliferation Regime (Education Papers posted on June 10th, 2015 )

In the end of the World WarⅡ,A-bomb had been born in the United States.The whole world was shocked by their power especially when it had been used in Japan.After that nuclear proliferation has become important discussion of the international politics.When the Cold War begins,the nuclear proliferation had become more and more serious.In order to deal with this,the world community set up International Atomic Energy Agency in 1957.The United States had played the major influence.The purpose of IAEA is to accelerate the use of the nuclear-power for peace,Health,and flourish to the whole world. Beside that,IAEA should take the response to ensure that the nuclear do not be used to the military affairs.Although the U.S.and the U.S.S.R.pushed the world to the Cold War, but the Nonproliferation Regime was forming at the same time.Under the regime,IAEA become the most important part of the regime.Though there have much more difficult, IAEA has make great effect to the world in the 50 years.This paper will use the theory of international regimes to analyse IAEA.The paper has five parts.First,it will introduce the Nonproliferation Regime and IAEA. Then we will use international regimes to discuss the setting of IAEA’s function.That is the hope of the international community when IAEA was been set.In the fourth part,the paper sums up the behaviour of IAEA when in the practice.Because nowadays,the international community is under the no-govern condition,most of the international organizations can’t realize their purpose,especially the political organizations.Through the front analysis,we will then discuss the rebuild of IAEA’s function from regime transforming and system evolution.We think this is meaningful.

Research on Key Problems of the Optimization of Production Logistics in Hybrid Flow Manufacturing Shop (Education Papers posted on June 10th, 2015 )

With the Social progress and the development of science and technology, theproducts needed for people to have more and more personalized requirements.Therefore, the Enterprise manufacturing modes also gradually change from thetraditional mass customization to many varieties small batch production, at the sametime, customer demands changing uncertainty and production process of stability bringquite a challenge to the Enterprise workshop operation control. Hybrid flowmanufacturing shop is different from the traditional job shop, Basic on it that theexisting production conditions don’t change, under the premise of allowed in the sameline or production unit to a variety of different types, different quantity, but the processis similar products processing workshops. Thus, it has the high flexibility, in reality iswidely used in the manufacturing enterprise. Meanwhile, as an important part of theproduction process, production logistics relates directly to the workshop production costof high and low, effectively optimize production logistics is the enterprise ensures theproduction efficiency, and reduce the cost of product the powerful tools. Therefore, thisarticle takes the hybrid flow manufacturing shop as the background, combining with theproduction logistics balance method (Balanced Inventory Flow Replenishment, BIFR),discusses the varieties suitable for small batch production environment new hybrid flowmanufacturing model and analyzed in the process of the planning level of equipmentlayout optimization problem, plan levels of hybrid flow path problem and controlaspects of the bottleneck and buffer problem of the main problems, and connecting withthe TOC theory, the MOP theory, and fuzzy theory etc different optimization technologymethods of solving problems are discussed in the paper.This paper firstly summarizes the current hybrid flow manufacturing andproduction logistics optimization research situation, analyzes on the many kinds ofsmall batch production characteristics and challenges, points out that the many kinds ofsmall batch hybrid flow manufacturing and the traditional sense of hybrid flowproduction by the difference of lean technologies, and constructs a based on productionlogistics balanced hybrid flow manufacturing shop operation control framework model.Then, on the frame model respectively, the long-term planning, short-term planning andwork planning three aspects of the production logistics problem are concluded, sums upthe equipment layout problem, hybrid flow path problem and material buffer for production Management. The key to optimize logistics, and analyses the in-depthanalysis and research. Then, this paper relates with the enterprise of practical productionenterprises, and through analyzing the current situation of the operation, according toface hybrid flow manufacturing logistics balance production operation control model,and combining with the actual situation of the enterprises for the enterprise’s actualproduction operation provides the improved scheme and the suggestion, and through thelogistics software Flexsim to scheme in the simulation. A comprehensive summary andthe future research are given in the final part of the dissertation.