Study on Reforming and Improving Nantong Rural Health Service System under the Socialist Market Economy (Education Papers posted on November 1st, 2014 )

Objective This study focuses on Nantong rural Health reform and effects with an integrative analysis to explore the strategies and ways to improve and innovate rural Health sytem and ensure rural people’s Health demands, so as to put forward some policy recommendations for government to convert its function and improve rural health policy making.Methodologies The literature study and a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods are adopted to survey all township health centers (THC), township public health centers (TPHC), community health stations (CHST) and the grassroot health personnel and rural residents in Rugao, Tongzhou and Rudong cities (counties). Results Nantong rebuilt the new rural health system by taking various measures, such as government-run independent TPHCs or purchasing services from private THCs to provide public health services, established village CHSTs absorbing a comprehensive range of Investment, enhanced the new rural cooperative Medical system. The new rural health service system has been rebuilt. The study finds some advantages and successful experiences with the reform. THCs are totally getting better operation and independent TPHCs work better than government purchasing services in public health services provision and rural health administration. However, several defects are detected in the study. Government deficient Investment in rural health services and poor health resources in rural public health services restrain rural health service provision. Preventive services integrated in THCs could share more resources with THCs, which would be helpful for public service provision. Without community health centers, the rural community health system couldn’t run well. Rural people welcome current village CHSTs but are not familiar to community services of “six-in-one”.Conclusions To improve rural health service system at the new situation of market Economic development, the policy options should put priorities to following areas: to strengthen government responsibility for people’s health, to optimize rural health system, and to ensure the adequate public health provision, so as to protect rural people’s rights in health and health service utilization.

The Research and Design of Phase Conjugation Mixer in Retro-directive Array (Education Papers posted on November 1st, 2014 )

In this thesis, a mixer combined with the image rejection and phase conjugation is designed and simulated.Firstly, the performance parameters and principle of common mixer are researched, and the principle of single-balanced mixer, as well as image rejection mixer has been discussed.Secondly, the phase conjugation mixer with RF mixing mode is analyzed .then, a design of phase conjugation mixer with image rejection is finished and simulated.Afterwards, the size of micro-strip line and the parameters of phase conjugation mixer are calculated with the research of each module of this mixer. Including the 180°hybrid ring in 5.8GHz,the microstrip coupled line band pass filter in 5.8GHz and 11.6GHz,and the Wilkinson power divider in 11.6GHz.Simulation and optimization of these modules is finished with the parameter ahead in ADS. According to the data optimized before, each layout of the microstrip line is given. The parameter index is as follows:The port reflection coefficient of the hybrid ring has reached -27dB, the isolation between 1,4port and 2, 3 port is -44dB.The insertion loss in the central frequency of the 5.8GHz Coupled Microstrip Line Band-pass Filter has reached -1.576dB. Reflection coefficient of 1-port is -24.771dB.The insertion loss in the center frequency of the 11.6GHz Coupled Microstrip Line Band-pass Filter has reached -1.24dB. Reflection coefficient of 1-port is -17.116dB.The reflection coefficient of 1-port in the 11.6GHz Wilkinson power divider is -22dB,the isolation between 2-port and 3-port is -16.955dB.Finally a circuit of image rejection phase conjugation mixer is builted, and then a simulation of this mixer is finished in HB simulation. Phase of the input and output is conjugated .the error is 0.384°.

Research on the Forming Mechanism and Process of 3D-Printing (Education Papers posted on November 1st, 2014 )

Three Dimensional Printing(3D-Printing) is one of the most viable the rapid prototyping technology, suit to new products development in the field of home appliances, office basics, Architecture and Medical models etc.. As a kind of Economic-rapid prototyping technology, it is of low-cost, high reliability, compact equipment, smaller noise and fast forming speed etc. And it also can make a part in different materials and colors. It has an enormous application potential and broad market prospects. Therefore, the Research on the forming mechanism and Process of 3D- Printing is of important practical significant.In the dissertation, droplets formation, interactions between droplets and medium surface are analyzed. The impact, powder spreading, wetting and penetration are systemically discussed, which provide references for structure design, materials selection and determining of manufacturing parameters.The performances of part made in 3D-Printing are mainly affected by the process parameters in forming besides materials. These parameters include: gap between nozzle to work surface, the thickness of formed layer, deposited speed, roll motion parameters, and interval time of forming on each layer. In order to improve the accuracy, the test is designed by Orthodoxy method, the process parameters is optimized, and the experiment results are analyzed using variance analysis,and then main affecting factor for the performances of a part is the thickness of formed layer. the optimum process parameters are obtained by profile analysis and. The performances of a part increases as the thickness of formed layer increases.

The Stability Analysis for Several Types of Delayed Cellular Neural Network Models (Education Papers posted on November 1st, 2014 )

In this paper, we study the global asymptotic stability and exponential sta-bility of neural networks with variable delays described by the delayed differential equations as follows:(1) x(t)=-Cx(t)+Af(x(t))+Bg(x(t-τ(t)))+Dx(t-τ(t))+b,(2) x(t)=-Cx(t)+Af(x(t))+Bf(x(t-τ(t)))+Dx9t-τ(t))+b, and stochastic delayed recurrent neural networks with time varying delays: dx(t)=[-Cx(t)+Af(x(t))+Bf(x(t-τ(t)))+b]dt+σ(x(t), x(t-τ(t)))dω(t). wheref(x(t))is the activation functions of the neurons, variable delaysτ(t)is non-negative, bounded, and differentiable, satisfy:0<τ(t)≤τ<∞,τ(t)≤η<1.In this paper, the stability of different neural network models is analysed by making use of Lypaunov function. It can be devided into three chapters.The first chapter introduce the research background, significance and related research progress of the artificial neural network research. We also simply introduce the main work and some Basic theory.The second chapter, we prove the global asymptotic stability and exponentially stability of the solution through the analyse of the model involving the characteristic of neural networks of neutral-type with time-varying delays. In the end of each section, we all test the theories through numerical simulation.Finally, we discuss delay-dependent asymptotic stability for stochastic delayed recurrent neural networks with time varying delays. We obtain new result fo global asymptotically stability through constructing different Lyapunov functional, using Ito Formula and linear matrix inequality skills.

“Lost” and “Future” (Education Papers posted on November 1st, 2014 )

With the change of the times and the development of Education,teachers’ quality is demanded higher and higher.And teachers’ training,as an important way to improve the quality of teachers,is naturally paid much attention to. Over the past decade, the country increased financial input of funds and made all kinds of legislation and policy,which safeguarded and promoted the development of teachers’ training. But in practical work, the effectiveness of teachers’ hasn’t improve obviously.This paper attempts to solve this situation by exploring the theoretical roots and practical factors of influencing the effectiveness of teachers’ training and then puts forward some suggestions for future development teachers’ training.This article took the existing problems of the current teachers’ training as a starting point and mainly explored the theory roots of causing these problems. Then,through the analysis reflection on effectiveness and the characteristics of teachers’ training practical cases ,the paper would sum up some essential features and elements of loved by teachers,effective and high-quality training. Finally, based on the reflection to clarify the theory and practice, the paper would describe the future vision of teachers’ training development.Though the financial condition and system of teachers’ training is improving gradually,the effectiveness of teachers’ training hasn’t enhanced distinctly.This paper believed that the Basic reason lay in deviation of the guiding thought on teachers’ training and the value orientation of the guiding thought, such as “object view”, “knowledge view”, “professional view”, “learning concept”and “training view” ,should be corrected. With the deepening research of theory and accumulation of teachers’ training practice experience , the future teachers’ training will turn concern about technical rationality to the reality of teachers, turn concern about professional development to the overall development and turn concern about external requirements to internal demand.Teachers’ training will be an important part of teacher’s career and will become a sustainable and lifelong development new model,which is rich in content and diversity,concerns teachers themselves and supports teachers system.

On Marxist Ideology of Technological Innovation and Its Value Today (Education Papers posted on November 1st, 2014 )

Technological innovation is an important human Social practice. It is the revolutionary forces which promotes the comprehensive and free development of mankind. As an integral part of Marxism, Marxist ideology of technological innovation is the epistemology about the relation between the technology and technological innovation and the development of human society. It is the precious spiritual wealth of mankind that has the significant value at understanding the nature and significance of technological innovation. Under the background of implementing the scientific concept of development, building an innovative country and building a socialist harmonious society. In the process of Marxism in China, the study on Marxist ideology of technological innovation is undoubtedly a unique and beautiful scenery. But for a long time, Marxist ideology of technological innovation has not been universal attention and its value has far been recognized. For the socialist modernization in our country, it is a great loss. This paper attempts to expounding and carding systematically on Marxist ideology of technological innovation, and exploring its Humanistic Implication and Social value, and providing a theoretical reference for the modernization of our country.This paper begins at the background and conditions of the formation of Marxist ideology of technological innovation and bases on the concept definition of technological innovation. Combined with features of modern technological innovation, this thesis clarifies the meaning and the historical status of Marxist ideology of technological innovation. Using the method which integrated history and logic, the thesis elaborated the essential substance of Marxist ideology of technological innovation and reveals its contemporary value. And it can provide us a beneficial reference in building an innovative country and building a socialist harmonious society.

Research on the Influencing Factors of Beforhand Plans of Public Health Emergencies by Communities and Its Compiling Procedure (Education Papers posted on November 1st, 2014 )

OBJECTIVE: Study the state of the beforehand plans of public Health emergencies formulated by communities in Chongqing and the influencing factors; offer the compiling procedure to facilitate communities to formulate the effective beforehand plans in our country.METHODS:1 In-depth interview: By in-depth interviews with some CDCs’, BOHs’and communities’public Health managers about 15 people, to learn the state of the beforehand plans for communities and the influencing factors of its formulating and reality, and provided clues for quantitative investigation.2 Questionnaire survey: Framed the questionnaire one by the result of qualitative analysis and relative documents, there were 703 commnities of 27counties from three levals about central city, suburb and far cunties, were investigated about the state of the beforehand plans for communities and the influencing factors. Framed the questionnaire two, there were 123 people from 40 counties of Chongqing were investigated about the suggestions of the compiling procedure. All the data were input by EPIData, analyzed by SAS8.0 use a chi square analysis and Logistic regression analysis.3 Scene survey: According to the compiling procedure, collected relative data about Huayan town in Jiulongpo district, raised the main content of its special beforehand plans.RESULTS: Until Oct 2007,the rate of the communities investigated that had formulated the plan was 31.07%±3.68% ,the percentage of the plan that was effective was 27.13%±6.27% and the percentage in all investigated communities was 8.43%±2.16%. The rate of formulating of central city was higher than the other two(х2=29.22,P<0.0001), and the rate of the two leval had no absolutely difference(х2=3.61,P>0.05);the percentage of the effective plans in the formulated plans of the three levals had no absolutely diffrence(х2=2.37,P>0.05).The logistic regression showed that the importance order of the influencing factors of formulating was fund, relative policy, reconstruction of leader, professional men; the importance order of the influencing factors of effective was expert participation, accroding some procedure, plan drilling and recondition.There were 99.2% people thought a series of steps were needed to formulate the plan, including forming leader group, describing community, affirming dangers, describing dangers, ranking dangers and writing plan.CONCLUSION: The state of the beforehand plans complied by communities in Chongqing was not so good, most of the communities had not made the plan corresponded their feature. Therefore, it is necessary to raise emergency fund for community, formulate correlate policies, enhance leaders’emergency awareness, and develop emergency training for community to facilitate communities to formulate their corresponding beforehand plans according the compiling procedure.

Adolescents’ Addiction to Online Games and Its Moral Education (Education Papers posted on November 1st, 2014 )

The network game the moral Education brought the huge challenge for the young people, the network game indulges to the young people the influence also causes the society to care about generally. The young people network game indulges is a very complex topic, involves a series of aspect and so on societies and psychology reasons, this article through the analysis network game development condition and the characteristic, promulgated the network game to indulge the harm which for the young people the physical and moral integrity, the study life as well as the personality development brought, has analyzed ethics origin from the young people own morals psychology characteristic and the moral Education aspect which the young people network game indulged, analyzed the young people network game to indulge the impact emphatically which the moral Education brought for the young people: The morality confusion, creates the young people to lose; The moral cognition deviation, initiates the young people morals behavior to deviate from the norm; The moral emotion distortion, causes the young people morals belief crisis. Reconsiders the network environment in this foundation to the traditional morals challenge, take the Marxism world outlook and the methodology as the instruction, proposed the renewal morality, constructs conforms to the network time development request moral education pattern, constructs the school, the family, the Social moral education system, forms the joint effort, enhances the moral education actual effect practically, constructs the young people moral education “the firewall”, resists the young people network game to indulge, causes the network game to make use of favorable conditions and avoid unfavorable conditions, becomes young people’s energetic paradise. The author also from the young people moral education dimension proposed under the network environment strengthens the young people moral reconstruction the countermeasure, simultaneously hopes through this topic research, to a public opinion call function.

A New Class of Group Divisible Designs with Block Sizes from {3, 4~*} (Education Papers posted on November 1st, 2014 )

Combinatorial design theory is an important branch of modern combinatorial the-ory.The research of design refers to a very important and central problem of combina-torial theory.Let K and G be sets of positive integers and letλbe a positive integer.A group divisible design of indexλand order v((K,λ)-GDD)is a triple(?),where V is a finite set of cardinality v,(?) is a partition of V into parts(groups)whosesizes lie in G,and (?) is a family of subsets(blocks)of V that satisfy:(1)if B∈(?) then |B|∈K,(2)|B∩G|≤1 for any B∈(?),G∈(?),(3)every pair of distinct elements of V occurs in exactlyλblocks or one group,butnot both.If K={k1*,k2,…,kn},we mean that there is at least one block of k1 length in (?).In this article,we investigated the existence problem of{3,4*}-GDD of type gt.This thesis is organized as follows.In Chapter 1,some Basic conceptions and theorems are introduced.In Chapter 2,the existence of{3,4*}-PBD is discussed.we prove that there ex-ists{3,4*}-PBD if and only if v≡0,1(mod 3),v≥4 and v≠6,7,9.In Chapter 3,we focus on the existence of{3,4*}-GDD of type gt.There exists{3,4*}-GDD of type gt if g2t(t-1)≡0(mod 6),t≥4 and t=6 when g(?)1,5(mod 6)with the exception of(g,t)∈{(1,6),(1,7),(1,9),(2,4)}.In Chapter 4,the conclusion and some problems about t=6 and g≡1,5(mod 6)of{3,4*}-GDD of type gt are given.

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Exploration and Analysis on the Formation and Development of the Communist Party of China’ Scientific Development Concep (Education Papers posted on November 1st, 2014 )

The development problem has been widely concerned in the world. The developmentviews of the Communist Party of China take Marxist development theory as the rationale andabsorb the reasonable thoughts of contemporary development views abroad. The thirdgeneration leaders with the core of Mao Zedong,Deng Xiaoping and Jiang Zemin as well asthe new generation leaders with the core of Hu Jintao has formed the scientific developmentviews, created a theory of development with the characteristics of China via combiningMarxist development theory with the experience of China’s revolution construction andreform .Since the Third Plenum of the 16th National Party Congress, the academic researches onthe scientific concept of development have mainly been focused on one side of its propertiessuch as the great significance, the theoretical basis or the essential feature of the scientificdevelopment t concept. There are few studies on the experience summary and course of theCommunist Party of China‘s exploring the concept of scientific development from the viewof the party history research. Based on above thought, in this paper we will investigate theformation and development stage of the Chinese Communist Party Economic and socialdevelopment concept according to the major Economic decision made by the Party and nation,and deeply study the revelations and comparisons between scientific development concept ofCommunist Party of China and those in the other Economic societies based on the Marxistpolitical science theory, utilizing the party-history-research science, political science,sociology and other academic research methods. This is the innovation of this paper.This article is composed of three parts. The first part discusses the historical inevitabilityof the Communist Party of China’s the significance of putting forward the concept ofscientific development; the second part deeply discusses putting forward the concept ofscientific development and the main content and features of this concept; the third part depictsthe revelations by comparing similarities and differences between the scientific developmentconcept and the development concepts of the other economic societies.