Dysmenorrhoea is a condition characterized by the presence of pain d… (Education Papers posted on January 31st, 2015 )

Dysmenorrhoea is a condition characterized by the presence of pain during menstruation. Women usually experience gradual pain at lower abdomen and/or lower back which may radiate to vagina,rectum or upper abdomen.Other symptoms such as nausea,vomiting, diarrhoea,polyuria,headache,cold extremities,sweating,fatigue and fainting also can be associated with women experiencing dysmenorrhoea.These symptoms usually begin several hours before the start of menstruation and may continue for a few days.Dysmenorrhoea is one of the most common conditions seen in women.According to a national statistic in China,dysmenorrhoea occurs in 42%of women and,of these,18% experiences severe pain which affects their daily activities,thus compromises quality of life. Therefore,therapeutic methods with an effective relief of pain and effective treatments of underlying cause have been the focus of clinicians and researchers.The literature published in last two decades suggested that Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture and moxibusion had distinctive achievements in the treatment of dysmenorrhoea.According to existing literature,acupuncture and moxibusion had shown unique benefit by providing immediate relief of pain and preventing future pain onset,whilst Chinese herbal medicine aimed at treating the underlying cause using syndrome differentiation principle,resulting in improvement of the condition.This thesis was divided into three parts.The initial part comprised of a review of ancient literature on dysmenorrhoea.The anatomy of women reproductive system and the pathophysiology of dysmenorrhoea were explained using the Chinese traditional medicine theory.The application of acupuncture and moxibusion and Chinese herbal medicine in the treatment of dysmenorrhoea in the ancient literature also identified and discussed.The second part of this thesis focused on the literature review on dysmenorrhoea of articles published in the past 20 years.As well as identifying the method of syndrome differentiation used in the past 20 years,this part provided extensive review on different treatment approaches comprising acupuncture,Chinese herbal medicine and the combination of both.Further,other possible therapies used in the treatment of dysmenorrhoea such as ear acupressure,plaster technique on acupoint and acupoint injection also were mentioned.Lastly,various aspects of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine approaches in the treatment of dysmenorrhoea were evaluated including their characteristic and pattern,the therapeutic timing for the application of therapies and the associated modification of lifestyle. Further,the prospect of research in the area of dysmenorrhoea was discussed

A Study on the Present Situation, Performance and Developmental Potential of Utilizing Foreign Capital in Anhui Province (Education Papers posted on January 31st, 2015 )

Under the background of Economic globalization and producting integration, international Investment has already became the booster of Economic growth and Social progress. Utilizing foreign capital is very helpful to develop an opening economy, if resources of domestic is insufficient, foreign capital utilization will give the development of capital and foreign exchange.At present, foreign Investment scale and standards of china will also steadily improved. Through the advanced production technology and Management methods will increased overall productive force, which brought change on the industry restructure and optimize the development and train lager talent.Premier Wen Jiabao had brought forward in the Government Working Report in 2004 that the building up of Middle Area. The government approved the plan which develop part city of Anhui to recerive industry transfer in january 2010. The plan mentioned part city of Anhui will become advanced manufacturing and service bases.As the first national undertake industrial transfer demonstration area, it has significant meaning to regional coordination of development,provided new ways and new mode, important practice to the building up of Middle Area Strategic. Thus, researching Anhui province of foreign direct Investment has strategic importance.This paper analysis anhui province status, performance and potential through collecting literature and comparative method. By study and research the relevant information about performance and potential, in-depth study foreign direct investment theory, meticulously study achievements on foreign and domestic scholars to foreign direct investment in different angles, analysis anhui province of utilize foreign capital status and performance. This paper use the method in UNCTAD’s World Investment Report of 2002, designed to be an objective assessment of anhui performance and potential system. Choosing 2004-2009 midland and anhui province 17 of the city of data, made a lot of the chart to analysis utilizing foreign investment in Anhui province.Through vertical and horizontal comparison method, contrast anhui province to other provinces in middle region about performance index and potential index, the performance index of anhui province is increased, the potential index of anhui province has no much change, Anhui province become from backward areas to a high potential areas in comprehensive analysis.17 cities in Anhui province compare with each other, found the performance index more than 1 changed little,most of the city of performance indicators are not ideal.Top three cites not change much more,except Hefei,Wuhui and Maansan,other cities potential index are small. In contrast, uneven development lead to serious the polarization. In order to make better use of foreign capital,this paper put forward the following measures, such as innovating the former system, establishing characteristic development zone, balancing the proportion of foreign investment in three industry, developing the industry cluster,using the whole marketing strategies and so on.

It can be caculated the connection of association bundle by the diff… (Education Papers posted on January 31st, 2015 )

It can be caculated the connection of association bundle by the differentiation. Thisarticle reviews the definitions and the theorems of bundles and manifolds first, and thenanalys the connection’s structure from the analys of the projection space.At last, three examples are given to press the specific structure of the nonlinear con-nection,and the relationship of the connection for it’s principal bundle.

The Logic of China’s Urban Space Reconstruction: The Perspective of Urban Politics (Education Papers posted on January 31st, 2015 )

In this paper, the logic of the reconstruction of urban space in contemporary China is investigated. China’s politics, Economics and society have changed greatly since 1990s, which changes the motive of the urban development fundamentally and influences the evolution of urban space strongly. In the meantime, against the backdrop of the urbanization and urban expansion, the evolution of urban space is the process of the reconstruction of urban space in fact. Consequently, the logic of the reconstruction of urban space express as the internal mechanism of the evolution of urban space.The spatial injustice is caused by the reconstruction of urban space. And the logic of the reconstruction of urban space is the key to answer questions of the urbanization and urban development of China. So in this paper, we try to investigate the logic of the reconstruction of urban space.Because the reconstruction of urban space in contemporary China is the process of urban politics in essence, this study tries to explain the logic of the reconstruction of urban space and analyze the reason of spatial injustice through a perspective of urban politics.The main contents of the paper include can be divided into three parts:Firstly, A new analysis framework will be established to investigate the logic of the reconstruction of urban space. Every perspective of urban politics can explain the urban politics of China partly, and lack systematic framework to analyze the reconstruction of urban space.Thus, we try to propose a new urban politics framework, which is called institution and action analysis framework. Secondly, the study investigate the reconstruction under the urban politics framework of institution and action analysis including institution analysis, action analysis and institution and action interconversion. Thirdly, conclusion gained from the framework is that the logic of the reconstruction of urban space in contemporary China actually is the institution and action interconversion caused by features of China’s urban politics.

Rice and Pesticides on Oulema Oryzae Kuway Control Technology Research (Education Papers posted on January 31st, 2015 )

Rice (Oryza sitava L.) is one of the most important foodstuffs in the world. In Liupanshui of Guizhou Province the planting area of perennial rice is 22,000 hm~2. In rice production, plant diseases and insect pests is one of the main limiting factor of the rice output and qualit. Planting resistant varieties of better quality and using highly efficient, low toxic, low residue, economical and environmentally friendly chemical to control the rice pests and diseases can effectively prevent and reduce the loss.Oulema oryzae Kuwayma ( Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae),adults and larva can eat the mesophyll of the leaves, leaving transparent skin, forming white stripes.This study was the resistance test of 20 rice varieties and the control effect test of 10 kinds of medicine to rice negative mud pests. The 11 better resistant rice varieties, which had significantly resistant effect to the negative mud pest, was selected for Agricultural production. In the test of 10 kinds of efficient low-toxic medicines to control the rice negative mud pest, 5 kinds of the medicines had better effect, which were all exceed 90%.Only earnestly implementing the “prevention first, the integrated control”plant protection guideline and “classified guidance, area Management, scientific medication, demonstrations lead, to make out the emergency prevention, to ensure rice production security” strategy, basing on the Agricultural, physical and biological control, combining with the application of biological agents and high efficient, low toxic, low-residue, economical, safe and environmentally friendly pesticides, rationally using the suitable technologies, the plant diseases and insect pests can be effectively control, thereby reduce or avoid the loss.

EU’s Strategy for West Balkans after Kosovo Crisis (Education Papers posted on January 31st, 2015 )

On March 25th 2007, the heads of European Union member-states got together in Berlin, Germany, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the signature of “Treaty of Rome”. During the 50 years’ developmental course, EU has taken on a role as the leading power in the process of European integration. In western Europe, where the nationalism and militarism were once prevalent, EU has helped those countries achieve the reliable peace and stability; recover the society and economy marvelously which were totally destroyed by the war; and is still leading the tide of the world civilization on the levels of political institution, Social development, consciousness of culture and self-examination of civilization.Meanwhile, based on the divine dream of the unification of Europe and depending on its own strength and attraction, EU attempts to spread peace, prosperity and institutional value into every European country which voluntarily wishes to join in the process of European integration. The logical subsequence of this process is that, EU has already become an essential power that can influence the pattern of the world system.The mighty strength and institutional logic of integration endow EU with the motivation of expansion. EU is consistently deepening itself and expanding itself, not only in the scope of function, the degree of integration, but also in the quantity of the member-states. In the last ten years of the 21st century, along with the concussion of the European political pattern, EU gained the opportunity unexpectedly, to unify the whole Europe. After the countries in central eastern Europe accessed EU, EU cautiously advances its strategy oriented to the western Balkan region, by which EU aims to maintain the peace in this region, support the Economic recovery and reconstruction of society in each country, accelerate the reforms of transition within the political and Economic system, promote the dialogue, reconciliation and cooperation among the countries and nations within this region, and finally absorb the whole southeastern Europe into the political and geographical domain of EU. Paralleled with that is the reform of the gradual internal institutions in EU: in October 2004, the “EU Constitutional treaty” was subscribed in Rome. It seems that, all are running in a benign orbit.Nevertheless, the history of EU has never been shaped as a linear development. In May and June of 2005, EU got into the crisis because of the rejection of “Constitutional Treaty” successively in France and Netherlands by means of referendum, as a result, the institutional reforms are stagnated. Along with the ultimate implementation of eastern enlargement, the intensifying conflict between the deepening of institutions and the enlargement of member-states makes EU appear the syndrome of exhaustion and rigidity. In the face of unprecedented plight, EU and people of its member-states have already been rethinking the process of integration itself. In such circumstance, as one part of the process of enlargement, the future of the strategy for western Balkan has been focused upon much attention.Just based on this study significance, the present paper will discuss the EU’s strategy for western Balkan after Kosovo crisis. The author will scientifically demonstrate the reason for the emergence of the strategy, detailed illustrate the content, mechanism and evolvement of the strategy, review the impact of implementation of the strategy on EU and western Balkan, and then anticipate and analyze the future of the strategy. At last, the author will draw some theoretical meditation through the previous argumentation of the strategy, namely the macro-examination of the EU’s enlargement strategy. In the author’s opinion, since establishing the strategy, EU has steadily boosted the implementation of the strategy for western Balkan, at least all the mechanisms and strategic instruments are always effectively functioning. What’s more, EU has opened a new epoch for western Balkans. So in spite of the developmental bottleneck, EU will firmly promote the process of enlargement for the whole strategic situation, but the premise is the conditionality of the region and each related country. Besides, EU must give up the inclination to the framework of nation-state and correspondingly find a suitable orientation for itself.

Based on the Internet of Things Retail Chain Distribution System Construction and Application (Education Papers posted on January 31st, 2015 )

In1995, it was the first time that the concept of The Internet of Things was posed. After that, it has been paid much attention by academic and industry fields, and in1999our country has founded Auto-ID institute which concentrates on the research of it. In recent years, leaders of our country emphasis the development of it and regard it as one of aims of the next five year’s plan. At the same times, it was written in the1025development planning of the logistics industry and come up with an idea that Storage content networking should be developed. The importance of it is very clear. The international large-scale chain retail businessmen has done much experiments and has used the critical technique of the RFID in the delivery system which they got a great of commercial and Social benefits.Firstly, this paper analyzes the present situation of domestic and foreign retail chain distribution, Especially the networking factors of The Internet of Things in the distribution network.The main research tool is Case Analysis Method which is used to analyses the typical Enterprise’s strengths and weaknesses, we also use matching type to compare the effects of strengths and weaknesses in order to find out the gap. The methods used in the optimization of the external operation of distribution network are as follows; Graphic processing method, the comprehensive evaluation method, factor analysis method and MATLAB. We mainly choose comparative method to improve the effect in the process of integration of the inner workings of new technology. Finally the empirical analysis of Ginza Enterprise distribution network is shown, Because Ginza enterprise lays special stress on construction of the information and has adopted a lot of advanced technology and has the congenital terms of realizing The Internet of Things like adopting rich base ERP system to realize data standardization and using “inventory gun” to realize automatic processing of manually input data. But in its input to the sharing and monitoring of goods there is no good technique for support so that We should introduce content networking technologies to solved the problem in this respect and make a very good effect and then Achieve “paperless” in all offices. We combined the new content networking technology and traditional distribution network So as to construct the content networking environment in the retail chain distribution network and solve the problem that actual operation process data collection rate is not high in retail chain and that the data sharing don’t fully and that the depth of the data mining products of tracking, the transportation monitoring, the mechanization of the distribution process are insufficient, and that Automation is not higher and things like that.In addition, we demonstrated all from theory to actual application layer.Ginza enterprise is a typical enterprise compared with other retail businesses in China, so by analysising it, we can give certain directive significance to other similar enterprises on the improvement of The Internet of Things to certain extent in the future.

Formula and Effect of Botanical Aphicide X (Education Papers posted on January 31st, 2015 )

Aphid is one kind of destructive pest in Agricultural production. For a long time, the prevention and control of aphids has been mainly depended on chemical pesticide. Nowadays, with the increasing consciousness of people’s Environmental protection, eco-friendly and selective new-style botanical pesticide attracts more and more attention.In order to find out a more effective formula of botanical pesticide, we commence the following research. Firstly, three special medicinal plants ethanol extracts which could eliminate aphids obviously were selected by indoor bioassay out of the nine kinds of extracts. Moreover, the three kinds of medicinal plant extracts were combined and the results showed respectively that the combination of A+G had coordinate synergism to aphid by qualitative analysis of co-toxicity coefficient. Thus, the optimum ratio of combination A/G is 2 : 1 by quantitative determination of co-toxicity factor. Then, a series of different inert ingredient were put in medicinal plants ethanol extracts combination by orthogonal design.Meanwile, a regression equation was used for regression analysis. The study showed that the seventh group had best performance for aphid control, so we got the formula of botanical aphicide X and proportion of its ingredient. At last, the experiment for the effects of botanical aphicide X on pest control in field plots was carried out as well. The results indicated that botanical aphicide X had equal or even better effects on prevention of aphids to common pesticide such as flolimat and matrine.

Constitutional Governmentthinldngof Network Demoeracy Development (Education Papers posted on January 31st, 2015 )

In China, the traditional media can not fulfill their functions. However, with the development of the internet, citizen can easily involve themselves in State and Social affairs for the internet has provided them with a place where they can show their opinions freely and publically. Thus brings forth the network democracy. Citizen’s awareness can be enhanced with the development and perfection of the network democracy. This can help with the constitutional construction and finally can guarantee citizen rights.Based on this, this paper is divided into two parts– introduction and body parts, showing the rising of citizen rights and the constitutional construction under the development of the network democracy. The introduction part mainly talks about the background information, studies on the network democratic development from home and abroad, definition of the network democracy, and the significance, the new perspective and ways of research. Chapter two explores the values. Chapter three talks about citizen’s right to know, rights to involve, rights to express themselves are insured and also the effects that the network monitoring has on the network democracy. Chapter four starts with the research on constitution, then some cases are followed to show the constitutional construction. The last part is the conclusion, mainly talking about the room left for improvement of this paper.

The Study on Jiang Ze-min Educational Thought (Education Papers posted on January 31st, 2015 )

Education is a fundamental cause that concerns ups and downs in a nation. The Marxists have always pay attention to the educational Basic function in Social developing. The third generation leaders group around Jiang Ze-min in the communist Party, In unswervingly follow the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the process of fully implementing Marxism-Leninism, Mao Ze-dong thought, Deng Xiao-ping Theory in particular, in the great practice of scientific analysis of the contemporary world politics, economy, science and technology and culture, etc. development trends, from China’s national conditions, to achieve the grand goal of modernization, creatively developed Mao Ze-dong, Deng Xiao-ping’s thinking on Education and theory, the development of the cause of education in China has made outstanding contributions.The Seventeenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China general education as a “speed up to improve the livelihood of the people as the focus of the Social construction” as one put forward in the building of human resources goals of such a power under the premise that education is the cornerstone of national revitalization, education as the basis for position High, rose to the height of the rejuvenation of the nation. Jiang Ze-min educational thought is an important phase of China Marxist ideological education in the development of, which on the basis of inheritance, and has shown a continuous development of the characteristics of advancing with the times. In this paper, the content of Jiang Ze-min educational though and Mao Ze-dong, Deng Xiaoping’s thinking of the distinction between education, the thinking of the highlights of their inheritance and innovation. From Marxism education theory, Mao Ze-dong educational thought and Deng Xiao-ping education theory shows Jiang Ze-min educational thought historical position and function, also shows Jiang Ze-min educational thought instructive significance in education reform. Therefore manages to state the rich contents of Jiang Ze-min theory system from the thought’s system view. From the service of building a harmonious society based on the overall situation, work hard to build a modern national education system and life-long education system and turning China into a country rich in human resources and running the education to the satisfaction of the people, and take socialism with Chinese characteristics education development.