Non-negative Matrix Factorization Algorithm Based on Method of Least Square and Its Applications (Education Papers posted on December 22nd, 2014 )

In scientific research,matrix factorization in different decomposition meaning and different decomposition ways are often used to analyse and process massive data. After ma trix decomposition,the low rank matrix approximation of primitive matrix can be obtained and the dimension of data matrix can be greatly reduced,thus saving storage spaces and computing resourses. As a new kind of matrix decomposition method ,non-negative matrix factorization has caused extensive concern of scientific community once it was put forward,for it has special decomposition condition,that is”the matrices are all be non-negative matrices”. Under this conditon,one non-negaitve matrix can be decomposed approximatively two non-negative matrices multiplication by looking for low rank matrices step by step and it reflects the potential linear relation of the data. Compared with classical method of matrix factorization,non-negative matrix has more advantages,such as simple algorithm,interpretable decomposition results and small storage spaces.Based on the original theories of non-negative matrix factorization,an algorithm more superior than the original ones was proposed,that is,the non-negative matrix factorization algorithm based on method of least square,and the algorithm was realized through program.The main research works in this thesis are as follows:First,the existing theories of non–negative matrix factorization and its applications both in domestic and foreign were summarized and concluded.Second,the non-negative matrix factorization algorithm based on method of least squ -are was proposed. The approximation degree of non-negative matrix factorization was measured by Euclidean distance and the matrix factorization problem has been transformed into least square optimization problem. And it is easily to verify that the computing complexity of this algorithm was reduced to a certain extent. Two improved algorithms was proposed,and the speed and precision of the two algorithms can be improved tosome degree.Finally,some examples were given at the end of this section to verify the effectiveness of these algorithms.Third,Combining matrix full rank decomposition theory,this paper proposed the non-negative matrix full rank factorization algorithm was proposed based on method of least square. And the related properties were analysed. Finally,the advantages and disadvantages of the algorithm were enumerated,and also some examples were showed to explain the related conclusion.Fourth, the algorithm program was realized by combining the related software theories of VC6.0 and Lingo.This program realized circular computations by calling VC,thus it can raise the computation speed in great degree.The most important is that the program is is also applicable to image processing,and it can dirrectly call image files,this is very convenient and efficient.Fifth,the proposed algorithm,that is, the non-negative matrix factorization algorithm based on method of least square ,can be applied in image processing filed,including process three-dimensional figure and small resolution image.In this paper,a new non-negative matrix factorization algorithm based on method of least square was proposed,and the algorithm was applied in image processing,and also writ ed the program in order to realize rapid circulating operation. And it can provide useful references for the further research on the theories and applications of non-negative matrix factorization.

Leisure and Freetime (Education Papers posted on December 22nd, 2014 )

With the sustainable development of modern science and technology and the rising of the Economic level, peoples’Social lives are also slowly changing. One of the most prominent features is the gradual shortening of required labor time and the increase of free time, making people’s leisure increasingly the most common form of life practice. With the more and more freetime, many people from the heavy manual labor will be freed to make leisure, has gradually penetrated into people’s living space, becoming an important part of human life.Leisure is regarded as a kind of existing human itself forms, it is to reflect their own value very important means. People can be in the range of free time according to your own intend to selective do some their favorite activities, this is recreational. We are engaged in different leisure activities, not just seek happiness, more important profound significance lies in finding the truth of life. This recreational activities be regarded as a kind of inevitable activities. Leisure research objects are extensive, including the leisure motivation, behavior, leisure demand and its concept, leisure psychology in people continuous exploration, with human oneself leisure life significance and value existing relationship process, with Social development civilization leisure exists between the interaction effect.Recreational important feature of human Social focuses on the survival and development of the important role played by. As a practical form, it on promoting the quality and ability of comprehensive enhancement has important role, is to realize the all-round development of man is the important way to realize the full meet various needs, make people realize in the aspects of free individuality has important significance. Leisure is laborer improve quality and ability of the important form of activity, it pushes the whole social development, improve human knowledge and the ability to transform nature, and promote the whole society’s development and progress. Leisure activities produced great Economic benefits, driving the relevant regional Economic growth. Leisure is a kind of psychological process of human existence the need, show people’s personalities and all kinds of complicated emotions, helped to mold and exert subjectivity, improve the comprehensive ability, thus realize people’s personality development and the value of life. Freetime contains a wealth of leisure implication. Free time is leisure to develop the necessary foundation and indispensable conditions people’s comprehensive development, it provides guarantee, make human constantly to freedom, it is people in the territory of free time to spontaneous, voluntary do belong to the things she likes, can let people in leisure process enjoy life brings good experience, let our life is full of vigor, make everyone rich more exuberant create ability.■

The Research of Using Modern Education Technology to Develop Student’s General Technology Innovation Ability (Education Papers posted on December 22nd, 2014 )

With the development of Basic Education system requirement, the communities is asking higher standards of Education achievement:more focus on the students future development, make the students whole aspect development and individual potential development as a core issue, develop students to be creatively and motivated which abilities are desired needed for the future 21 century. The high school general technology subject has the same importance as other subjects to help the students developing their innovation ability, but as a new subject, the whole idea of the theory hasn’t been build, there is not much success experiences can help, there for in this situation, how to use modern education technology to develop student’s general technology innovation ability become a urgent but challengeable subject.Base on the education achievement requirements, the author used literature analysis and interview, case analysis etc. method to do a research of using modern education technology to develop student’s general technology innovation ability. In this paper, the author first explain the advantage of modem education technology which base on Computer multimedia technology and IT network resource, how does this advances can be used during the education process with the new education theory, and then describe a ” lead-learn-develop” education mode and base on IT network cooperation learning mode, which are to be used during the education process, in order to improve the innovation abilities develop effect and get some hits and helps for all the general technology teacher who are working hard carrying out study research and education practices.

Evaluation on the Risk on Urban Infrastructure Projects Based on Goal Multielement (Education Papers posted on December 22nd, 2014 )

With reference to the concept and theory studies achievements about urban infrastructure projects risk in both home and abroad , primarily considering the characteristics and general rules of urban infrastructure projects, we analysis the goal of urban infrastructure projects have the characteristic of multivariate .And based on Life Cycle Integrated Risk Management theory, this article analyzed the risk sources, risk characteristics and main risk types in different phases of project.Synthesizeing the above contents , the theory that is the multivariate goal influence on the risk evaluation of urban infrastructure projects is given. And on the stand of urban infrastructure projects index system structuring structure model, using multivariate theory , the whole objective of urban infrastructure projects is divided into many partial objectives, whereby it mades the multi-layer struckture of the risk factors more fitness. It mades the conception more defmitude and it mades the conclusion more scientific.Finally, to the risks exiting in the urban infrastructure projects are complex and difficult to evaluate precisely. Fuzzy theory is quoted in urban infrastructure projects risk analysis. Based on the combination of multi-layer fuzzy theory and AHP analysis, a fuzzy risk evaluation model of the multivariate goal of urban infrastructure projects is established. Moreover HangZhou West Lake Tunnel is taken as an example to show the application of this method, and to test the model initially.

As we know, Chinese learners generally study BI construction on at t… (Education Papers posted on December 22nd, 2014 )

As we know, Chinese learners generally study BI construction on at the primary stage of learning Chinese as a second language. And the BI construction is one of the most important patterns in comparative sentences. The article divides into three parts.The first part gives a general overview of the main studies about the BI construction in Chinese language in recent years, and analyzes the structure of the BI construction.Then the article reviews the error sentences of BI construction from the Beijing Language and Culture University inter language corpus and the foreign students’paper works, and sums up all the tapes of error, analyzes the reasons of error productions finally.The last part, the emphasis of the article, discusses the factors which deeply influence the teaching and learning of BI construction. And the writer also put forward some suggestions about the teaching of BI construction. No doubt the teacher plays an important role in the teaching of Chinese as a second language.

A Theorem on the Adjoint System for Higher-Dimensional Algebraic Varieties with Ample Vector Bundles (Education Papers posted on December 22nd, 2014 )

Let X be a smooth projective variety of dimension n, and E be a ample vector bundle of rank equal to n-2 such that KX+c1(E) is not nef and∧(E, KX)≥2,then the pair (X,E) is one of the following:(1);(2);(3).Where Pn is the projective space of dimension n, Qn is an n-dimensional hyperquadric in Pn+1,OX is the structure sheaf of X, OX(m) is the m-twisted sheaf of OX.

The Popularization of Mao Zedong Thought Abstract (Education Papers posted on December 22nd, 2014 )

Mao Zedong thought is the Marx doctrine in China the first major theoretical results. Mao Zedong Thought popular since the Marx doctrine popular important component, is also to further promote the Marx doctrine in China needs. In Mao Zedong Thought under the guidance of Chinese revolution and construction, Mao Zedong Thought gained huge success, also obtained the good effect of popularization, accumulated rich historical experience, such as correct understanding, understanding and adhering to the thought of Mao Zedong Mao Zedong thought is the popular understanding premise is the Marx doctrine in China; attention to Marx theory for the main contents of the study of theory and ideological Education; to put the Marx theory to popular form is shown in front of the public; to pay attention to the combination of theory and practice method of work; attention to theoretical work on Wu Jianshe. Summing up the historical experience for the promotion of contemporary Chinese Marxism has important significance of Marx.This paper mainly uses the literature research method, comparison method, the combination of theory and practice, draw lessons from other disciplines research method, through to Mao Zedong Thought on popularization of scholars of Mao Zedong thought, can be found in popular historical experience and Enlightenment for the different levels of research and analysis, to advance in contemporary Mao Zedong Thought popular study provides very useful reference and exploration. This thesis mainly consists of six parts:The first chapter mainly introduces the research background and the research status at home and abroad, summarizes the theoretical innovation and research significance.The second chapter Mao Zedong thought the Basic concept, clarify the Mao Zedong Thought popular concept, and on the basis of this sort of Mao Zedong Thought on western mass difference.The third chapter Mao Zedong Thought popular necessity, namely the research in the historical condition at that time, the Chinese revolution and socialist construction to promote the Marx doctrine in different period of popularization of historical experience. Through the research in the historical condition at that time, Mao Zedong thought why should be popular? That Mao Zedong Thought in the historical condition at that time popular reason. Then the main are:Based on Chinese revolution the needs of reality, based on the Chinese traditional culture based on the theory of need, need for advocacy, based on historical experience, based on the need to strengthen the party construction need to wait for several reasons.The fourth chapter Mao Zedong Thought popular formation and development of Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping, from different periods in Mao Zedong thought works out the popularization of locus, formed a development from infancy to process, so as to form a complete history.The fifth chapter Mao Zedong Thought popular historical experience, Mao Zedong Thought on popularization of historical experience, and research method of the system, the Mao Zedong Thought popular historical experience on the Mao Zedong Thought popular historical process are studied, thus its historical experience, on the basis of the further reach its contemporary enlightenment.The sixth chapter Mao Zedong thought the historical experience of Contemporary Revelation of Mao Zedong thought, through research, especially Comrade Mao Zedong in Chinese revolution and socialist construction period on the Marx doctrine popular historical discourse of experience, combined with China since the reform and opening up the new faces new problems, and then summarized the Mao Zedong thought mass the historical experience of contemporary enlightenment.Conclusions are summarized in this paper based on the Mao Zedong Thought popular historical experience, through research, establish the research goal:1, the scholars of different historical periods of Mao Zedong Thought popular research summary of Mao Zedong Thought and disentangling the popular historical process, form a complete history;2, clear Mao Zedong Thought popular the Basic concepts, and on the basis of this sort of Mao Zedong Thought on western mass difference;3, clear Mao Zedong Thought popular in the historical process of what are the main aspects of the experience and lessons, Mao Zedong Thought on popularization of science and seek truth from facts;4, Mao Zedong Thought on Popularization in order to better solution and service to the reality, according to Mao Zedong Thought popular research to further reveal its to our country to advance contemporary Marx doctrine popular enlightenment.Through the research of this problem can make us a more accurate understanding of Mao Zedong thought is scientific, seek truth from facts, keeping pace with the times; on the other hand can make the broad masses of the people of Mao Zedong thought to have a more profound understanding of the Marx doctrine, promotion of contemporary Chinese popular Education propaganda and popularization.

Algorithms for Simultaneous Sparse Approximation Problems of Array Signal (Education Papers posted on December 22nd, 2014 )

Sparse representation problem is important for information transmission, signal encoding and compression. The theoretical study claims that a signal can be represented with its sparse representation is good for compressed highly; in practice, algorithms for sparse representation problem directly promote the application of this theory. Simultaneous sparse approximation of array signal is a newly emerged problem in sparse signal representation. In this paper we will extend some efficient methods and theories of simple sparse approximation to this problem, and get two effective methods of simultaneous sparse approximation. The work of this paper can be outlined below:1. We structure a near convex function of the objective function of simultaneous sparse approximation, so we transform the combinatorial optimization problem into a convex case, and we analyse the optimal path and the optimum conditions about this problem.2. We extend the classical Homotopy algorithm developed for the simple sparse case. The generalized algorithm keeps advantages of the classical Homotopy algorithm:when there is a sparse solution of this problem, it can be used to get the sparse solution through a few iterative times. And we take some numerical experiments demonstrating the viability of generalized Homotopy for simultaneous sparse approximation.3. We develop another algorithmic approach called Simultaneous Stagewise Orthogonal Matching Pursuit based on the methods of Simultaneous Orthogonal Matching Pursuit and Stagewise Orthogonal Matching Pursuit. And the numerical experiments demonstrate that it gives advantages in computing time and its accuracy for simultaneous sparse approximation.

Recogniton Research of Handwritten Music Symbol Based on Classroom Teaching of Digital Music (Education Papers posted on December 22nd, 2014 )

With the rapid development of the Computer technology, people pay more attention to the application of modern information technology in teaching, and a large number of educational software have gradually infiltrated into teaching of various subjects. However, because of the contradiction between the low-speed input of the traditional software and the high-speed processing of the Computer has brought inconvenience to the teaching, there is an urgent need to turn traditional input of keyboard into the handwriting input in accordance with the people’s daily habits, which can enhance the classroom instruction efficiency.The main content of the paper is about the study of the recognition of on-line handwritten notes, it is based on the metaphor of “pen and paper” and the design idea of natural interaction with user centered, so as to provide a natural and efficient environment for teaching of music Education. This paper mainly discusses and studies the following issues:(1)According to the geometric characteristics of the strokes of the notes designed, electing eight geometric features and one eight direction chain code which is suited for the strokes set. We select the appropriate threshold for geometric features by analyzing the data collection of the characteristics of the sample set. Meanwhile, it has also carried on the processing of duplicate removal for eight direction chain code of strokes, and selected more appropriate critical angle. These operations make full preparations for the subsequent recognition research.(2)It designs the recognizer in multi classifier fusion thought, and proposes single stroke classification method which is the combination of geometric features and eight direction chain code features. First, it rapidly conducts coarse classification for stroke in straight line rate feature; Then it conducts subdivisions for all kinds of inside by using the other geometric features and eight direction chain code, which combines minimum edit distance of the string matching theory and dynamic programming algorithm design techniques. Finally, through the validation of the experiment, the single stroke recognition rate reaches98.08%,which is higher than the Rubin algorithm that is used specially for single stroke recognition.(3)Unlike the handwritten Chinese characters, completing a handwritten note may be based on another note. According to the characteristic of the notes, it puts forward the method of strokes combine gradually. Through the semantic rules and positional relationship between the original input note and current stroke to determine whether they can be combined. The application of this method to a certain extent solve the problem of similarity and order between strokes.In a word, handwritten note of this thesis is more in line with people’s handwriting spectrum habits, providing users with a relatively free and efficient space for writing. For future extension and improvement of the algorithm has laid a good foundation.

Design and Transmission Performance Analysis of Rubber Alloy Filtering Gear Reducer (Education Papers posted on December 22nd, 2014 )

With the rapid development of aviation, aerospace, shipbuilding, automobile, equipment manufacturing etc., the traditional reducers in certain industries has been unable to meet some requirements, such as small volume, large load, high precision, high efficiency, high reliability etc.. According to these more prominent problems, Chongqing University Professor Wang Jiaxu invented a precise filtering driving gear reducer (patent number:ZL201010104359.5). Compared with the other gear reducer, it has the advantages of high stiffness, small volume, light weight and easy to process etc., In order to further improve the filtering gear reducer transmission performance, Wang Jiaxu Professor invented filtering gear based on rubber alloy or soft elastic material (patent No.:201110054609.3). The main contents of this paper can be summarized as follows:①Filtering gear is introduced in this paper, the structural composition and working principle of rubber alloy filtering gear reducer are briefly analyzed, according to the design requirements, the structure design of speed reducer:including the optimized allocation of the number of teeth and the calculation of geometric dimensions; checking the profile overlap interference and interference of transition curve; the eccentric value determination of eccentric shaft; structure design of rubber alloy layer.②The use of SolidWorks3D software to establish the reducer based on virtual prototype model, and virtual assembly and interference analysis. In order to determine the vibration characteristics of the speed reducer, reducer for the first ten modes are analyzed by using ANSYS finite element analysis software Workbench.③The vulcanization forming technology of ordinary rubber is analyzed in-depth and meticulously to determine the filtering gear vulcanization forming process. According to the characteristics of filtering gear and requirements of forming process, the precision forming die of filtering gear is designed.④The reasons of return difference are analyzed, based on the probability statistics method and the features of rubber alloy filtering gear reducer, rubber alloy reducer’s backlash calculation formula is deduced, compared with rubber alloy layer before and after filtering deceleration return difference, analysis of rubber alloy layer on the rubber alloy filter deceleration return difference effect,rubber alloy filtering gear reducer for rigid-flexible hybrid modeling and filtering gear reducer rigid body model are built in Adams software, comparison the results of analytical dynamics, the influence of rubber alloy layer on the rubber alloy filter reducer transmission stability is clear.⑤Rubber alloy filtering gear reducer and general filter reducer’s backlash experiment was done, contrast of the experimental results, and get the relevant conclusions. And then propose improving plans.The vibration test result of filtering gear reducer without rubber alloy layer and rubber alloy filtering gear reducer indicate that the rubber alloy filtering gear reducer has better vibration characteristics,,which can be achieved the purpose of reducing low frequency fluctation and filtering heigh frequency fluctation.