The Algorithms of Generating Concept Lattice (Education Papers posted on November 26th, 2014 )

Three algorithms are presented in different three parts in this dissertation. The first part builds up modified object lattice by introducing two partial ordering relations≤’ and (?)’ and a new intersection∩’, followed by generating a concept lattice with the modified object lattice. The second part presents an algorithm of generating concept lattice utilizing layer thinking of row rank of matrix. At the same time, it describes the concept relation between objects and attributes by an example. The final part expands the definition of the concept information granule in the limited set, and followed by presenting a partial relation between two concept information granules in the set of the concept information granules. Then we prove that the set of the concept information granules is a complete lattice about the partial relation.

On the Quest of Filipino Americans for Individual Identity in America Is in the Heart (Education Papers posted on November 26th, 2014 )

Carlos Bulosan(1913-1956) was a famous Filipino American writer in American literary circle in1940s, and also one of the most important Asian American writers. America Is in the Heart:A Personal History,1946was declared by Look magazine to be one of the fifty most important American books ever published. In this book, Bulosan, taking the Philippines under America’s colonialism as the background, described a young man’s quest for individual identity after lots of sufferings and pains both in the Philippines and in America. The author showed us that the Filipino identity was dominated and marginalized by the mainstream identity because of the American hegemony. This thesis analyzed how the protagonist reconstructed his individual identity after the loss of individual identity, his quest for individual identity and the encounter of obstacles. This thesis is composed of five chapters.Chapter1serves as an introduction to Carlos Bulosan’s life experiences and major works, and a survey of research on America Is in the Heart. It also gives the definition of individual identity and individual identity of Asian Americans.Chapter2introduces the loss of the protagonist’s individual identity. His identity was fragmented because of the separation of the family, the land dispossession, and the incompetent educational system, but only when he encountered the loss of dignity at home and in America, did he realize his loss of individual identity.Chapter3is a detailed discussion of the leading obstacle to the protagonist’s quest for individual identity. He tried his best to quest for his identity and his position in the society, but got confused and lost because of the cruel colonialist policies, racial discrimination and persecution, the loss of original cultural identity, and the exclusion of new cultural identity.Chapter4focuses on the protagonist’s reconstruction of the individual identity. He insisted on the integration of different kinds of cultures with his Filipino root as the core and quested for Utopia by participating in the labor movement with writing as a weapon, which helped him find the sense of belonging and reconstruct the individual identity.In Chapter5, the author concludes that the protagonist’s quest for individual identity was successful in spite of all the sufferings and setbacks. The author also points out that there is still much space for further studies.

Research on Scientific Consumption Concept from the Perspective of Scientific Outlook on Development (Education Papers posted on November 26th, 2014 )

Scientific outlook on development is the concentrated embodiment of Marx’stheory about the development world outlook and methodology, has the characteristicsof scientific, development and advance with times. Practice of deepening ourunderstanding of the scientific outlook on development and building a socialistthought. Establish the scientific development concept is the national prosperity,national rejuvenation, the well-being of the people of an important guarantee, at thesame time, building a socialist harmonious society is the requirement of implementingthe scientific outlook on development; realize the comprehensive constructionwell-off society goal.Consumption idea in which consumer measure things overall attitude and thebasic point of view, but also reflects the consumer level of knowledge, moral situationand individual taste, etc. Contemporary college students are the contemporary youth’soutstanding group, college students in the process of consumption in the pursuit offashion, the pursuit of fashion, the pursuit of personality. Contemporary collegestudents has become a real high consumption groups, their high consumption abilitynot only for the businesses covet, also has been attracting wide attention from society.Its unique consumption psychology and ideas, and in leading fashion consumption,improve the structure of consumption plays an irreplaceable role. Therefore, tostrengthen college students’ consumption ethics culture, for the construction of aharmonious society has a positive meaning.The full text is divided into five parts: the first chapter is the introduction, introduces the research background, research purpose and meaning, research at homeand abroad were reviewed, and the research train of thought and frame, etc.; Thesecond chapter on consumption and consumption on the basis of introduction, andpoints out that the contemporary college students to set up the correct consumptionmeaning; The third chapter takes the case study on the contemporary college students,analyzes the college students’ consumption situation, main existing problems, such asconsumption structure is not reasonable, consumption plan consciousness weak, blind,comparison of consumption, and interpersonal consumption over, etc., and fromindividual, family, Education and Social four aspects of contemporary collegestudents’ consumption of the reasons are discussed; On this basis, the fourth chapterput forward under the background of scientific outlook on development to constructuniversity students’ healthy and harmonious consumption countermeasures: topromote college students to develop healthy consumption psychology, give full playto the role of family Education, to strengthen the cultivation of the concept ofconsumption of college students, and create a good Social consumption atmosphere,etc. The fifth chapter sums up to the full text, this paper is guided with scientificoutlook on development, takes socialistic harmonious society as background,combined with Environmental protection, low carbon economy background forcollege students, and set up healthy, harmonious consumption was studied.

Stability and Periodicity to Solutions of Two Types Biological Models (Education Papers posted on November 26th, 2014 )

This thesis mainly studies asymptotic stability and periodic of two types biological models. It is consists of three chapters.In Chapter1, introduce issues arising from the historical background and main tasks of this article.In Chapter2, discuss asymptotic stability and exponential stability of a2-dimensional impulsive differential equation model of plankton allelopathy. By means of piecewise continuous functions which are modifications of classical Lya-punov’s functions we give sufficient conditions for asymptotic stability of the so-lutions.In Chapter3, discuss asymptotic stability and Periodicity of a3-dimensional impulsive competitive system.It is shown that if the coefficients are continuous,periodic and satisfy certain average conditions then a positive periodic solution there exists which is globally asymptotically stable.

Research on the Theory & Application of Design for Tolerancing about Cam Mechanism (Education Papers posted on November 26th, 2014 )

In the recent years, there have been great breakthrough and compelling achievements in the fields of CIMS and CAD/CAM. The development of Computer-Aided Tolerancing(CAT), however, lags highly behind that of CAD/CAM as important part of machinery design and manufacture process. In view of this case, the author has done the following research work.● In this paper, we discuss the theory of Design For Tolerancing (DFT). The traditional thinking of design is form-to-function process. In a dynamic Architecture, a multi-level approach called Design For Tolerancing(DFT), has been proposed to help the designers to make tolerance-related decisions from the conceptual design to detailed design. On the base of anlysis of the traditional tolerancing design, we expound the theory of DFT on system ground.● we also discuss the way of tolerance analsys and synthesis. And we upbuild the tolerance- processing cost and tolerance-cost of quality loss models; we can use Simulated Annealing method to optimize these models.● On the base of the model we have upbuild,we develop a software about tolerancing design of cam mechanism. This software has a brief interface and can be used with facility ; and it can help designer obtain the process and process tolerance of the part directly.

Matrix-Geometric Solution of a Repariable Queueing System with Two Heterogeneous Servers (Education Papers posted on November 26th, 2014 )

The repairable queuing system of two heterogeneous servers is a typical model of queuing theory, and it has been widely used in machine processing systems, Computer systems and communication systems. In our actural applications, the two servers may be different in service rate and failure rate because of the abrasions and degradations. Therefore it has an important impact on the performance measures and Economic profit. Thus, the study on the queuing systems of two heterogeneous servers with integrated above mechanism has important theoretical significance and application value.Firstly, we investigate an M/(Ek,M)/2 repairable queuing system of two heterogentous servers with service time following Erlang distribution and exponential distribution, in which one server is subject to breakdown at busy time When the server breakdowns, the customers are still waiting in the queue. It continues to provide service for the customers after repairing and the time used is available. Using the quasi-birth-and-death process method, we derive the existing condition of steady-state equilibrium, and the matrix-geometric solutions of the steady-state probability vectors. Then we obtain some performance measures of the system and reliability indices of the unreliable server. The numerical analysis for the results is also given.Secondly, we study an M/(PH,M)/2 repairable queuing system of two heterogeneous servers with service time following PH distribution and exponential distribution, in which one server is subject to breakdown in busy time. Once the server breakdowns, the customers return to the head of the queue and accept service. The time used is invalid. Using the quasi-birth- and-death process method, we derive the existing condition of steady-state equilibrium and the matrix-geometric solutions of the steady-state probability vectors. Then we obtain some performance measures of the system and reliability indices of the unreliable server. Combing with serval special circumstances following PH distribution, we give some results of numercial analysis.Finally, we study an M/M/2 repairable queuing system of two servers with the service time following exponential distribution, in which the servers have different service rate. Once the server breakdowns, the customer return to the head of the queue to wait for being served again.Using the quasi- birth-and-death process method, we obtain the explicit expression of the rate matrix and the boundary probability vectors, and derive the joint distribution of queue length and the state of servers. Furthermore, we give some performance measures and reliability indices of the system. By MATLAB calculation, we give some numerical analysis for the results.

In this paper, we study the global existence, uniqueness and the asy… (Education Papers posted on November 26th, 2014 )

In this paper, we study the global existence, uniqueness and the asymptotic behav-ior of classical solution to the Cauchy problem for quasilinear hyperbolic system with inhomogeneous term. The system will have strictly hyperbolic and linearly degenerate characteristic fields. This paper is divided into two parts. In the first part, we will intro-duce several Basic concepts and prerequisites, like strictly hyperbolic, linearly degenerate, normalized coordinates and match condition for inhomogeneous term. By the existence and uniqueness of local C1solution to the Cauchy problem, to show the global existence and uniqueness of the solution it is sufficient to establish a priori estimate. We diagonal-ize the hyperbolic system firstly by John’s formula on the decomposition of waves and then establish priori estimate of the solution using L1norm estimate on cross-wave. By this way we can prove that if the initial data has sufficiently small BV norm, the Cauchy problem for quasilinear hyperbolic system with inhomogeneous term admits a unique global C1solution. Based on the existence result on the global classical solution, in the second part we will show the asymptotic behavior of the solution, which is, when the time t tends to infinity, the solution approaches to a function which is the combination of C1traveling waves. Meanwhile we will also show some continuous properties of the limit function.

Discussion on Deng Xiao Ping’s International Strategic Thinking (Education Papers posted on November 26th, 2014 )

Deng Xiaoping’s international strategic thinking,an important part of Deng Xiaoping Theory, is the scientific analysis and judgment on contemporary world Economic and political development and China’s diplomacy in accordance with theme changes of our present times. Considered from the international strategy, Deng Xiaoping’s international strategic thinking consists of four parts: Deng Xiaoping’s grasp of national interests at a specific period of time, his judgment on national strategic environment judgment, his understanding of national strength and international status and his diplomatic strategy planning. This article intends to analyze the four aspects of his international strategic thinking from the perspective of international strategy around our state interests.This paper is composed of four chapters, in addition to an introduction and the concluding remarks, turning it to six parts altogether.The introduction is concerned with the origins of writing this paper, the problems it aims to solve and the general outline of this paper.The body consists of four chapters:Chapter I centers on Deng Xiaoping’s grasp on national interests in specific periods, which is the starting point and destination of his strategic thinking. From the proletariat’s understanding of interests, regarding national interests as the highest criteria, he shows clear the direction for China’s diplomacy.Chapter II discusses his judgment on the international strategic environment, which is directly related to the establishment and implementation of our country’s external strategy and policy development and the premise of making international strategic thinking, including the theme of our times, the world order, and, world situation Chapter III deliberates on China’s strength and its international status, which is the fundamental basis of Deng Xiaoping’s international strategic thinking. He starts from our Basic national conditions, objectively estimates China’s strength, and eventually establishes his international strategic thinking of reviving and strengthening our nation.Chapter IV is about Deng Xiaoping’s planning for international strategy. Since reform and opening up, China unswervingly pursues the independent foreign policy of peace. In the new historical period, Deng Xiaoping, both a successor of his predecessors and a pioneer of the future, has made new breakthroughs in his international diplomacy, promoting us to a higher status in the international community.

At the time when World War II was about to be over, Japanese Fascist… (Education Papers posted on November 26th, 2014 )

At the time when World War II was about to be over, Japanese Fascist were wholly defeated. The invasive war started by Japan Militarism not only caused unprecedented catastrophe to the world community, specially to the people of Asia, but also brought huge disaster and profound mishap to the people of Japan. The post-war Japanese economy was fully shattered, on the top of that was the losing political seat in the world. However, thanks to the rapid evolvement of international environment and implementation of Japanese Peace Constitution, Japanese government chose “Economy over Bomb” as recovery approach and quickly turned economy around. Since mid-seventies, Japan has been one the three global monetary centers, and ever sine 1987, Japan has raised to be the second largest economy in the world.After constant growth economy power, Japan began to seek to play amore active role in international political stage, and defined it as a national strategic goal to once again become a political super power. In the Cold War, Japan intentionally transformed itself from a economy powerhouse to a dominant player in the world political arena by targeting re-evaluation of domestic and international political configuration and by improving the Japanese global presentations. The goal was: Japan should enjoy the same corresponding super power political position as its Economic heavy weight in the world .As the end of the Cold War, the ambition of becoming political super power drove Japan to pursue a more aggressive role in international society, a role covered multi-aspects and spread over the globe. Governmental development assistance, peaceful cooperation, intensive international cultural exchange were all merged into the conception of international collaboration.In order to re-claim the political power status, Japan has made all kinds of efforts: actively participating in the establishment of post-cold-war new international orders; aiming at breaking the judicial bounds of war defeatist by focusing on revising post-war Japan Peace Constitution; seeking to be a military heavy weight; pushing reform of United Nation (UN) Security Council; pursuing to become one of permanent members of UN Security Council; joining UN peace keeping; attend global hot spots to impose Japan influence. All these efforts have already began to payoff.While Japan expedites the “Political Super Power” strategy, there is huge change to its domestic politics. People began to worry about that Japanese political ambition will harm the world again as emergence of conservatism, right extreme, denial of invasion history and fading of peaceism.The dissertation emphasizes on how should we evaluate Japanese strategy to become a political super power. The author’s unique views are:1 .It is an inevitable fact that Japan will become a political super power. Any concern or worry can’t stop its process.2.The theme of Peace and Development and the trend of Big Nations Partnrship will affect Japan’s diplomatic policies. In modern society, Peace and Development have been the current theme. Big nations are building various partner relationships, which can be used to discipline andconstrain Japanese diplomatic policies and behaviors, and reduce or weaken all the possible negative effects caused by re-emergent Japanese super power.3. Japan’s national political system and Social trend of thought may well be a discipline and check on the Japanese militarism, strategy. Post-war Japan has established relatively mature congressional democracy based on tri-power sharing, and domestic politics still plays an important role, which leads to elimination of political and Social foundation of moving back to Militarism.4. The United State’s attitude and policies tward Japan will put some restriction on Japan’s power bound The fact that Japan is playing a bigger role in the world stage is inseparable with the relationship between the US and Japan. For the same reason, without America support, it is impossible for Japan to realize its power boimd strat

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Study on Characteristics of Interface Reaction in Polymer Reaction Blends Process (Education Papers posted on November 26th, 2014 )

Due to the thermodynamically immiscible characteristic for most polymer pairs, and simple blend can not enhance their Mechanical property, it is necessary to add compatilizer directly or form it by in-situ method in blend process to make the polymer pairs become miscible. Now the in-situ compatibility method is widely used in reaction blend process. Because the properties of polymer blends are controlled by the amount and structure of compatilizer formed by the two phases interface reaction in in-situ compatibility blend process, it is significant for the study on polymer reaction blend to research the reaction between different functional groups in polymer chain in blend process. But most of the present researches only aimed at the concrete properties of polymer blends modified by compatibility blend, the formation process of compatilizer and interface reaction were few reported. Hence, the researches on the formation of compatilizer and interface reaction in polymer reaction blend were detailedly discussed in this thesis.At first, the non-compatible polypropylene/polyamide6 (PP/PA6) system was selected to study the interface reaction in reaction blend process. Two precursors (PP-g-TMI and PP-g-MAH) were prepared and blended with PP/PA6 respectively. The effect of compatibility for two polymer blends was compared. The results showed that both of PP-g-TMI and PP-g-MAH could react with PA6 to form compatilizer (PP-g-PA6). With the increase of the amount of precursors, the amount of PP-g-PA6 formed in interface increased. The effect of interface reaction between PP-g-MAH and PA6 was better than that between PP-g-TMI and PA6.Because of the worse solubility of PP in common temperature, it was difficult to quantitatively study on interface reaction in blend process. Therefore, the second part of this thesis was that using styrene-maleic anhydride (SMA) copolymer to substitute PP as main chain to study the interface reaction for SMA/PA6 system. SMA with different content of maleic anhydride (MAH) was prepared by solution copolymerization. SMA and PA6 were blended in Haake rheometer.The research on the reaction velocity and the structure of polymer blends in SMA/PA6 blend system showed that the interface reaction was very fast and completed during 3 minutes. When the SMA/PA6 blend ration was 10/40, the complex PA6 grafting structure in SMA-g-PA6 was formed.The research on the influence factors of SMA/PA6 blend system showed that the effect of reaction temperature on interface reaction was small. When the content of MAH in SMA was 7.75% and SMA/PA6 blend ratio was 25/25, the SMA reacted percent decreased into 6.5% from 31.8% when SMA/PA6 blend ratio was 40/10. And the content of PA6 in SMA-g-PA6 decreased into 41.8% from 43.1%, the melting temperature decreased into 212℃from 216℃, the crystal temperature decreased into 163℃from 170℃. When the SMA/PA6 blend ratio was 10/40, with the increase of the content of MAH in SMA, the compatibility between SMA and PA6 became better. But when the content of MAH in SMA was higher than 2.89%, with the increase of the content of MAH in SMA, the compatibility between SMA and PA6 was similar to that when the content of MAH in SMA was 2.04%. The melting temperature and crystal temperature had nothing to do with the content of MAH in SMA. When the SMA/PA6 blend ratio was 25/25, with the increase of the content of MAH in SMA, the SMA reacted percent and the amount of SMA-g-PA6 increased, the content of PA6 in SMA-g-PA6 didn’t change at first and then decreased, the melting temperature of SMA-g-PA6 kept constant.The research on the SMA/PA6 blends extracted by HCL showed that the MAH percent reacted in per SMA chain decreased with the increase of the content of MAH in SMA. And the total amount of MAH reacted and NH2 reacted in the whole reaction system increased, the MAH reacted percent in per SMA chain decreased with the increase of the content of SMA in SMA/PA6 blend ratio.